Hot As Hell In Lingerie

Ever hit that mark in your sexual relationship where the same ol’-same ol’ is dull as taters and beans? Well sit down and grab a drink, ‘cause I’m going to tell you a secret: LINGERIE And holy shit, I’m not talking just bras and panties here. I’m talking about the...

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Working Out a Scene

Hello everyone! Thought I would give you a peek inside my writing day. Actually, there’s a two-fold reason for today’s blog post: I need to get a scene right and sometimes putting it all on paper helps me organize my thoughts. So here we go… In my scene, my nymph...

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Writers are readers too!

Hi. My name is Sheri, and I’m an eclectic romance reader. Historical, military, paranormal, contemporary—bring it on! When it comes to romance books, there isn’t much I won’t read. I usually read in bed at night because my days start with me running the moment my feet...

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7 characteristics of the Alpha Male

When people hear the term Alpha Male, it usually brings to mind a strong, muscular, man’s man. The one the women without an intention of being the center of attention. A warrior of superior looks and intelligence. He’s a charming leader whom others look to for...

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Top Ten Peeves of Writing Teachers

Photo by Mateusz Dach from Pexels Top Ten Peeves of Writing Teachers (Including ‘Vegetables for Authors’) By Melodie Campbell It all started in 1992.  I’d won a couple of crime fiction awards, and the local college came calling.  Did I want to come on...

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Ancient Love – by Liza O’Connor

Ancient LoveA Dark Suspenseful Ghost ThrillerWith a Romantic Ending When telling a story in a different country than the one you live in, the famous advice: ‘Write what you know’ sent me researching what I did and didn’t know.  I needed armed police officers to...

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Indulge with Sheri

Everyone who joins my Facebook group Indulge With Sheri by 8/31/17 will be automatically entered to win two $5 Amazon gift cards. (I say two, but handing out prezzies is so much fun! I bet there'll be more.) Click on here to join now! 

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