Oh man, it’s HOT right now! Except maybe if you live in Australia.

Where I live, it’s been in the low 100’s F (*37 C) for 20+ days, breaking the heatwave yesterday when the weather cooled to 98*. All the wilting hotness got me thinking of my Tarzan and Jane book series that takes place on a steamy remote jungle island, and the pirates who cause trouble for them there.

After the summer solstice on June 21st, the longest day of the year, it gets so freaking sweaty-hot. Especially in parts of the world with the highest active piracy rate, which right now is Indonesia. I have to wonder…where do pirates find the energy? When the mercury rises, I have pep-talks with myself just to walk to the mailbox.

I suppose as a pirate, limp hair and perpetual sweat would be the least of my problems.

Okay, his hair isn’t bad. But it’s hard to find images for “limp hair on hot dudes”.

And why do you suppose in Hollywood movies, pirates are portrayed as open-shirted seafarers who swing around on ropes, like Tarzan on his vines? How come they’re never buttoned-up in thick coats like the time I went sailing with my dad?

And…Do pirates go around being pirates when it’s winter and cold?

I think he missed his bus…

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