In a world where the constant noise and commotion of everyday life never seem to fade away, finding moments of peace can feel like an elusive dream. What if you learned that a break from chaos is good? That it might unlock your body’s ability to heal and offer self-care?

Last week, I learned that immersing myself in writing was a brilliant plan. On the flip side… holy macaroni, Batman!

I took a week off for my health, and that’s an okay thing. Like our physical health, our mental condition can grow accustomed to a slower pace and poor habits. After years of neglect, expecting my out-of-shape muse to give a whip-crack performance opened my eyes to what NOT to do.

Self-care is super important, people! Especially the parts of the brain used for imagination and writing books!

The transformative power of healing time-outs and carving out space for silence was the missing piece to my wellness puzzle. I would have thought getting back to writing would be like throwing gas on my bonfire muse. But no. My motor froze because I didn’t keep it greased.

Time away from the laptop

Sitting in the backyard in the lounge chair, listening to the birds fight in the trees, was just what I needed: time alone to think. To stare off into space, watch buzzards circle, to let the mind wander.

Last week, away from writing, gave me time to think of more story ideas. I wouldn’t have had the ideas unless I’d taken the time off.

Self-care is the key to unlocking your full potential. Take time to recharge and reset – we are SO worth it.


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