Esme: Door 1 (The Facility)

Down to her last ten bucks and to keep a roof over her head, Esme answers a vague Help Wanted ad. While upper tier cable channels are a comfort, buying food and paying her mortgage take top shelf.

When she arrives for the interview and is confronted by the unusual job requirements, she quickly realizes two things. She can walk out the door and starve, or lay it all aside and live to survive another day.

Esme is an erotic, brow-raising adventure that stars Sheri Fredricks’ irresistible heroine, an everyday girl next door.

Warning! 18 and over only.

Due to the occasional graphic nature of this blog, only 18 and over allowed, please.

Hello and Welcome

A bit about me: I grew up on the central coast of California and reside within minutes of the sunny beaches. I’m a Border Collie fan, love to eat sushi, and hopelessly addicted to Facebook.

About my romance books: I’m an award-winning author of the shapeshifting Centaurs Series, the Jungle Island Series, Monica Beggs, and many more.

I am currently writing more steamy, sexy stories for all my voracious fans.

With hugs and kisses,

Jungle Love Out Now

He’s an alpha male trying to stay out of trouble…

She’s up to her gorgeous neck in danger.

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