Ever hit that mark in your sexual relationship where the same ol’-same ol’ is dull as taters and beans?

Well sit down and grab a drink, ‘cause I’m going to tell you a secret: LINGERIE

And holy shit, I’m not talking just bras and panties here. I’m talking about the crotchless flimsy flyaways with peep-holes and pushups. You know, the expensive items too ridiculous to buy, but found 75 percent cheaper in knock-off brands at stores like Wal-Mart, Sears, and places online like here and here.

Have a partner who wishes you would want them as much as they want you?
Lingerie, my friend.

Want to see the heated spark that says Fuck me! in your lover’s eyes, especially when you catch him unaware?
Lingerie is the answer!

Dying to ride the log between his legs that’s long as his arm and thick as his wrist?
Lingerie, baby!!

You might think, “My breasts aren’t big enough”, “I’m too heavy to wear sexy stuff”, “I feel cheap dressing like that”.

All I can say is Bullshit.

Small boobs? That’s why they make padded push-up bras. Your size 32A ta-tas will look porn star huge in the right fitting bra. And…pssst!…He won’t stop staring, believe me.

Think you’re too heavy? According to your lover, that’s a bunch of crap. Full-figured women have the curves men are salivating over! Go ahead, test the theory. Buy a sheer baby doll negligee with matching garterless thigh-high stockings, then feel the temperature rise—along with everything else that’s important. *wink* I’m betting your partner will find you open-mouthed sexy!

Feeling cheap? Honey, lingerie is anything but! How could a skimpy piece of see-through lace, which costs upward of $50 or more, make a lady feel any less than royalty? Best part—we don’t have to pay those heart-stroke prices! In that regard, smile. Because you found a great deal on an otherwise expensive clothing line. And if saving money means feeling cheap, then I’m all for it!

Don’t leave out the hot men in your life! They want to see the animal in you, too. Here’s a quick link to get you started on some of his sexy lingerie.

When I have pretty lingerie, I feel sexy. As women, when we see a slow, hungry smile curve our lover’s lips, we feel confident. I challenge each of you to dig out a piece of lingerie you haven’t worn in a while, or buy something new. Then come back and post your results.

I’ll be smiling…and waiting. Oh! And if you need the perfect pillow to cuddle, or looking for a fantastic gift idea, check this out:

Click here to buy.


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