Hello everyone! Thought I would give you a peek inside my writing day. Actually, there’s a two-fold reason for today’s blog post: I need to get a scene right and sometimes putting it all on paper helps me organize my thoughts. So here we go…

In my scene, my nymph heroine (Trix) wants to inspire her sexy centaur (Khristos) the freedom to reach his full potential. She wants to do more than encourage – she wants a male who is empowered. A conqueror. But how can Trix give her guy some wind beneath his hooves, so to speak?

When I get stuck like this, I usually make a list of possibilities that might work. I don’t worry about whether it is silly or impossible – I’m brainstorming and writing down everything that comes to mind.

  • Give Khristos one night (on a regular basis perhaps?) to do something he loves.
  • Consistently mention ways she sees him improving.
  • Initiate GREAT sex. 😊
  • Trix could ask him about his “bucket list” – the top items he would like to do in his lifetime.
  • Make sure he feels respected by her.
  • Leave notes where he least expects them: under his hoof pick, in his desk drawer. “You’re an incredible lover.” “Love the swish of your tail.” “Meet me in the bathing room.”
  • Trix might suggest Khristos take some time to pursue (or start) a hobby.
  • Be proactive about doing something together that she knows he enjoys. Make a date, get him excited!
  • Remind him of areas he is gifted in, without stretching the truth.
  • Initiate more GREAT sex.
  • Have Trix and Khristos do something fun and unexpected together. (ideas: paintball, picnic, instigate a make-out session, dinner at a nymph restaurant)
  • She could design a date night that would help him de-stress and lift his spirits.
  • Initiate GREAT sex

That’s all I can think of right now. Do you have something to add to this list? If so, let me know in the comments below – I might use your suggestion!

If there’s ever a question you would like to ask about my writing, future books, or maybe myself, please feel free! Who knows…it might be my next blog post.

Until next time!


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