Happy New Year!

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Or, perhaps I should say, Thank God it’s 2021. Too much negativity, too much violence, too much of Left and Right and finger pointing.

Yeah, I’m taking the offramp over all that crap.

On a positive note, I’m wrapping up a book to be released mid-February. If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that my life outside of writing is filled with livestock and chores. It’s the way I grew up and it’s the life I made with the man I married.

New Book Coming

The story I wrote felt like a natural connection to my other life, even though it’s outside my current genres of Fantasy or Erotic romance. This will be my first venture into Contemporary Western romance. And I hope you enjoy reading the story about Geri and Mark as much I enjoyed writing about them.

The survival of her ranch depends on every drop of water. He’s willing to share if she’s part of the deal.

While Remedy Maker is my favorite book that I have written, mostly because I had too much damn fun creating the unique world of shapeshifting centaurs, tricky trolls, and disappearing wood nymphs, this upcoming novel might just be my new favorite. The western story brings me back to my roots of where I live with real cowboys, the struggle of raising livestock, and riding horses for work rather than pleasure.

Rugged Thirst is the first in the Rugged series. Want the books to come at your faster? Yeah, me too. I continue to work full-time at my day job so my book releases are not prolific as some other authors. Stories crowd my head while I throw hay and bottle feed lambs. The characters jabber when there’s paperwork to be done.

At night when the chores are finished and the dishes are done, and my eyes have yet to cross, I can sit back in the recliner and start anew on creating the stories and characters I hope you love to read.

May the new year bring your heart’s desire and Hope catches a foothold in the stirrup of 2021.


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