When people hear the term Alpha Male, it usually brings to mind a strong, muscular, man’s man. The one the women without an intention of being the center of attention. A warrior of superior looks and intelligence. He’s a charming leader whom others look to for inspiration and motivation.

Alas, being an Alpha Male is more involved than you think. He’s more than Brad Pitt who played Tyler Durden in Fight Club, or Russell Crowe as Maximus in Gladiator.

Though there are more, here are seven traits of the Alpha Male:

  1. Dude doesn’t try to be an Alpha Male. It’s all about living life. He’s captivated by the world around him, in achieving the best he can possibly become. Our Alpha honestly cares about people. He works hard, is excited by life and by the opportunity each day will present. He’s sincere in every facet of who he is. The characteristics he possesses come by naturally, growing with him as he becomes a man. A man with a warrior’s heart, bred from curiosity who holds a genuine kindness. Unapologetically, he is who he is, and others will follow wherever he leads them.
  2. An Alpha has style. He takes pride in his appearance, whether it means he’s in fashion or not, and people respect him for that. From a suit and tie to cammo or jeans, he knows how to dress like a man. You would never call the Alpha Male a metrosexual.
  3. He’s not worried about tomorrow; the Alpha Male is too busy working for today. He recognizes that certain things aren’t under his control. He will do everything to control what he can, but doesn’t worry about what he can’t.
  4. The Alpha Male leads by example. He won’t tell people how to live, instead he lives in the manner he sees as best.
  5. This male knows how to treat a lady. The Alpha respects women, often because he’s been surrounded by some great ones in his life. Therefore, he’s chivalrous. He will help his lady at every turn. He helps her to attain her dreams, all-the-while moving closer to reaching his own.
  6. The Alpha Male has a purpose. This may be an Alpha’s most defining trait. Where many men meander through life, trying to find a personal resolution, the Alpha Male is busy creating a sense of his Self. He works daily to bring himself closer to his goal. He’s not wandering, he’s going places. And it is so obvious that everyone around him can see it too.
  7. Our Alpha is persistent. There’s no quit in in him; he’s the tortoise, not the hare. He would be what you’d call “The Last Man Standing”. An Alpha Male will protect himself and his family. Moreover, he needs nothing more than his fists for defense.

If there’s one thing I love in a Happily Ever After romance novel, it’s an Alpha Male. I’m always trying to think of a great spin on a new character. Leave a comment for a trait that you would like to see in your Alpha Male!

Until next time!

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