The most commonly asked question I’m asked is where I get my ideas.
For me, the answer is simple: LIFE
A few months ago while I wrapped up the Jungle Island series, I wondered where to go next. What would everyone be excited to read? 
After a trip to the feed store, and listening to a group of local ranchers talk about hard times during the California drought, I found my inspiration. Within minutes I was reaching for my notebook and scribbling like mad.
I spent the next few days outlining the books in my upcoming
contemporary western romance series!

If you missed it…
* Free For A Limited Time Only *
My version of Tarzan and Jane
swinging through the jungle
is a whole lot hotter than the original.
Find other great books to enjoy too!


Meet New Authors
There’s a new online magazine called BP that’s filled with author interviews, in-depth articles, and links to FREE books!
Check it out!

Thought I would share a few new releases and great deals by my friends!
Happy Reading!

Meet Man Of The Night, Sexy Rex…



She’s my best friend’s daughter…
Naive. Sweet. Innocent and hot as hell.


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