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I’m sharing seven paragraph excerpt is from my Award-Winning Paranormal/Fantasy romance novel

Troll-y Yours

Scene set up:
Eli, a Troll, is secretly meeting Nubbs, his Centaur contact, deep within the Boronda Forest. In a mythic world where the lines of friends and enemies are blurred, sometimes things aren’t exactly what they seem.


            While he stared out
over the lookout point, dawn broke over the valley. Behind him, the sun
struggled to rise, spilling brilliant shades of orange to paint the western
mountain range.

            Trees on the distant ridge stood
like soldiers at attention, lighting up as if they were on fire, spearing
streaks of bursting yellow between slots of early morning mist. Beyond the
serene stream that zigzagged through the valley below was the flat granite face
of the Centaur palace. The tips of the boulders would grow warmer as the
daystar climbed higher.

            When the older Centaur stepped off
the trail into view, Eli checked his watch. The male’s stroll was casual and
unhurried, his face expressionless. His devil-may-care fashion was khaki
trousers, brown shirt, and leather jacket.

            Over the cliff’s edge, wisps of
cotton-candy haze broke apart. The ghostly pieces floated upward, then
disintegrated in the sun’s powerful rays. To keep warm, Eli stuck his hand back
into his pockets.

            Nubbs stopped beside him on the flat
ground and glanced out at the wide-spread scenery. “Been waiting long?”

            “Would you care if I was?”

            Nubbs swung his gaze toward him, then chuffed a soft
laugh. “Hell, no.” He tilted his head toward the tree line behind them. “Let’s
get out of this fucking wind.”


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