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Genre: Erotic Romance
A shipwrecked woman.
The uncharted island. 
Jane Porter craves a thrill but when marauders scuttle her
ship and she washes ashore onto an island inhabited by animals and one sexy
wildman, that’s when the real adventure begins. Dependent upon her
vine-swinging rescuer who acts more ape than musclebound man, she places her
survival in his rugged hands and relinquishes her desire to his raw sensuality.
For more seasons than he can remember, Tarzan has lived
among the tiny island’s gorilla band. Instinct propels him to save the female
he finds half-dead in the surf, but gazing into her eyes, his mating tool
dances an ancient tribal beat.

While the pirates search for their bounty, Tarzan and Jane are in danger. To
survive, they’ll have to hang onto each other as they swing for dear life.
Their adrenaline-rush of passion among the canopy of the jungle threatens not
only a dizzying fall from a great height, but also into love.

Fingers, definitely fingers, pushed hard
against her cheek, rolling her head side to side. She wanted to tell the
asshole to quit poking at her. As soon as she spit out all the sand crunching
between her teeth, she’d get right on it.
The finger-poke moved lower into personal
space territory. If her nipples beaded in response, then oh well.
A warm, rough palm gently squeezed her
left breast. Jane pried her eyes open and blinked away loose sand.
A fully bearded man peered down. Curious
brown eyes studied her face, then shifted to where his hand tightened over her
breast. His dark-blond hair lay in knots twisted so tight, it would’ve sent her
stylist screaming from the salon.
He searched her eyes again, searching for
what, she couldn’t say. His hand slid off her boob and skated further south,
heading for the same paradise all men pursued. Had she escaped being kidnapped
only to find herself possibly raped?
When his palm reached her bellybutton with
no signs of slowing, the free-for-all gropefest was officially over.

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