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In a few weeks, FOREVER MY JANE, the second vine-swinging book in my Jungle Island series, will be available. There’s a whole lot more of sexy Tarzan and Jane to come!

Meanwhile, kickback and enjoy these seven paragraphs from Lord of the Jungle.

       The frightened female had mashed herself to his
body and no matter how hard Tarzan tried, he hadn’t dislodged her. Like an infant
gorilla, she’d ended up clinging to the front of his body.

A fact that hadn’t gone unnoticed by his mating

Her arms wrapped behind his neck while her ankles
locked above his butt. Her light colored hair separated into sections and blew
a strand across her mouth. He wondered if her hair, so different from his own,
would feel as soft as it looked. A lock fluttered in the breeze, then wedged in
the seam of her lips. He imagined the same sunshine-filled locks dragging up
his thighs to caress between his legs.

Caught like a willing rabbit in her snare, Tarzan
froze as desire flared in a burst of hot pulsing need. Beneath the protection
of his animal skin cover, his male part rose as it grew in size and width.
Soon, his tool would make its demands known.

“You have amazing eyes.” The female’s thighs
loosened their grip and her breasts slid down his chest.


“And your muscles…you’re so strong.”

Whatever she’d said, Tarzan wanted to hear more. The
sound of her soft voice stirred a thrumming sensation inside him.
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