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This week’s theme: Sexy In Time

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Here’s a sneak peak of my upcoming story:

A shipwrecked woman.
An uncharted island.

Her mind spun with the possibility he might
be a headhunter, but his features appeared European under all that black facial

Before, when he’d lifted her out of the sand,
she’d caught a fleeting glimpse of an irregular-shaped animal hide tied loosely
around his hips. She wondered how long he’d lived alone since he seemed
incapable of communication.  

Then again, though they may not speak the
same language, she knew the look that told her to shut-up when she saw it. 

His thick
fingers gripped the roughened bark and his feet found crevices for leverage. As
if he were military trained in Special Forces, he quickly climbed the tree, her
weight making little difference to the wild jungle man.

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