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This week’s excerpt comes from my sexy paranormal romance:

“Thank you for helping
me.” Attraction or not, Abelia didn’t want to leave her handsome protector
yet. He stood tall and straight, like a towering spruce. Under less stressful
circumstances, she would have enjoyed getting to know him better. “I think
it’s time for me to leave.” 

“You no want to buy
bonsai?” The vendor asked. 

Although small, for temporary housing, the bonsai would work in a

Cars of all shapes and colors
zoomed past on the street—nobody would notice. All she had to do was redirect
the attention of the seller, and that of the devilishly good-looking male. She
took in his set face. His clamped mouth and fixed blue eyes. If there’d only
been more time for them.  

Maybe another day. 

Abelia took a long look,
memorizing his human features, and did what she had to do. Forcing her eyes to
open wide, she pointed a finger behind the plant seller. “Holy crap! Did
you see that?” 

The second they both looked away,
Abelia touched the trunk of the miniature tree and shimmered herself inside.
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