Welcome to the 123rd week of My Sexy Saturday.
This week’s theme: Our Sexy New Year
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This year at the Fredrick’s ranch an unusual event took place: We were ALL awake at midnight!
I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal for most, but our work day can start outside at 5AM – rain or shine. My two teen boys tuned into the big ball that dropped in New York as the television announcer counted down on West Coast time.
Shortly after I banged on a metal pot with a wooden spoon outside, screaming  “Happy New Year” to the world, the Hubs and I settled into our hot tub under the stars. Yes, the air was cold, but all the more reason the snuggle closer to the man who makes my life unbelievably wonderful.

What did you do for New Year’s this year? Was it sleeping off that major party you went to? Or how about waking up in someone’s bed? 

Leave your answer in a comment and I’ll pick someone to win a $5 Amazon gift card!!

I leave you with a spicy excerpt from my contemporary romantic suspense MONICA BEGGS.

     “Ask me.” His voice warmed her
like a fine aged whiskey.
     The pole raising a tent in his
jeans hovered near her face. Need thrummed through her veins with every beat of
her heart. Tension coiled, building a delicious density in her core. It took
all the sexual training she possessed to not reach out and run the tips of her fingers
over his impressive bulge.
     No, not yet…
     She waited, bit her lip and drew
the moment out. Choosing to remain quiet until she saw his hands flex into
fists not once, but twice.

“Are you sweet—” Moni leaned forward, keeping
her fingers gripped tightly to the bed. She inhaled his musky, virile scent as
she drew the side of her nose along his hard length. “—or spicy?”

Amazon.com:  http://amzn.to/1P79l1U
Amazon.co.uk:  http://bit.ly/1QRixYu
Amazon.co.jp:  http://amzn.to/1LGMCpa
Amazon.com.au:  http://bit.ly/1FVJ28B
Barnes & Noble:  http://bit.ly/1KZwC7l

Let your fingers do the walkin’ and click on another Sexy Saturday author! Until next time…


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