The Time Enough to Love books have been out as single volumes and as a three-book set in print.  Now, for the first time, the FOUR series books will be available as a boxed set in e-book format! ALL for the incredibly low price of $0.99!

Release date is next Tuesday, January 12. If pre-order becomes available, Jenna Jaxon will let us know ASAP!

When Lady Alyse de
Courcy is betrothed to Sir Geoffrey Longford, she has no choice but to make the
best of a bad bargain. The hulking knight is far from her ideal man, and
although he does possess some wit and charm, he is no match for the sinfully
sensual man she secretly admires, Thomas, Earl of Braeton, her betrothed’s best
From the first,
Sir Geoffrey finds himself smitten by Lady Alyse, and, despite her infatuation
with his friend, vows to win her love. When Geoffrey puts his mind to wooing Alyse,
he is delighted to find her succumbing to his seduction. But when cruel circumstances separate them,
Geoffrey must watch helplessly as Thomas steps in to protect Alyse—and falls in
love with her himself.

As the three
courtiers accompany Princess Joanna to her wedding in Spain, they run headlong
into the Black Plague. With her world plunged into chaos, Alyse struggles with
her feelings for both the men she loves. But which love will survive?
     Geoffrey hurried on with a suggestion. “’Twould be the
work of a few moments for me to teach it you, my lady.”
     It would have to serve. She shot a look over her
shoulder at her husband, who nodded and laughed with the princess though his
eyes were trained on her. Best get on
with it then
. The sooner ’twas done, the better.
     “Your skill at dancing is such that you would
certainly learn the steps with but slight instruction from me.” Geoffrey leaned
so close his voice, against her ear made her jump and recall herself. She
stepped back and looked at him.
     His practiced courtier’s smile flickered at her, and
she caught something deeper shining in his eyes that she fought not to see. Her
heart stuttered a beat.Her body flushed with the anticipation of dancing with
him again even as misgivings swirled in her mind. No good would come of this
dance, but Thomas watched closely to see that she acted cordially to Geoffrey.
Would that it was an act.
    With a sense of heavy foreboding, she extended her
hand to him. “Very well, Sir Geoffrey. What must I do first?”
     He placed her hand atop his arm and led her to their
place in the circle of dancers then grasped her hand to pull her around to face
     The moment his hand touched her skin, a streak of fire
shot through her. Her mouth went dry, and her gaze flew to his face. Surely he
felt that as well?
     He stared back, his eyes mirroring all too clearly the
blaze that coursed up her arm.
     Damn Geoffrey Longford.
     In a daze, she looked around at the other dancers,
expecting them to stare accusingly at her. As if they could see this sinful
feeling that tore at her soul. At a loss for how to act, she raised her gaze to
beseech Geoffrey. “What do we do now?”
     ’Twas an apt question for, God forgive her, at the
touch of Geoffrey’s hand, all thought of her husband had fled. She was back on
the deck of the Phillipa, facing him
once more. Loving him once more.
     Geoffrey cleared his throat, his face flushed, and
said simply, “Follow me.”
     Then they were twirling around the circle, hands
clasped, arms touching intimately, He seemed to brand her wherever he touched.
The figure reversed, and her other side was scorched as if a red-hot blade
seared her. Her gaze locked onto Geoffrey’s, and the music, the dancers, the Great
Hall and all its inhabitants melted away until all that was left was the
whisper of his breath in her ear and the heat of his body pressed close against
     He leaned in closer to whisper, “I must lift you now.”
     Before she could grasp that staggering news, his arm
went around her waist and he lifted her, twirling them around full circle. She
panted, blood pounding in her temples, roaring in her ears.
     They continued to dance, but she moved as though she
were a doll made of rags, her legs barely able to stand. Her world narrowed to
the single source of light and life that was the man who held her in his arms
again. The man whose love she could no longer deny. Despite the agony of the
betrayal, in the core of her being she knew neither the vows she had spoken to
Thomas nor the passion they had enjoyed in his bed would ever match the
intensity of love and belonging she shared with Geoffrey. As soon compare a
candle’s flame to the sun.
Jenna Jaxon is a multi-published author of historical and
contemporary romance.  She has been
reading and writing historical romance since she was a teenager.  A romantic herself, she has always loved a
dark side to the genre, a twist, suspense, a surprise.  She tries to incorporate all of these
elements into her own stories. She lives in Virginia with her family and a
small menagerie of pets.  When not
reading or writing, she indulges her passion for the theatre, working with
local theatres as a director.  She often
feels she is directing her characters on their own private stage.
Jenna is a PAN member of Romance Writers of America as well as
President of Chesapeake Romance Writers, her local chapter of RWA.
She has equated her writing to an addiction to chocolate
because once she starts she just can’t stop.
Find Jenna Jaxon online:

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