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Today’s excerpt comes from my Erotic Twisted Fairytale – CONTINUUM

“You’re so beautiful, Evianna. Your
skin is perfection.”
today’s daydream, her prince would speak in a voice deep and rough with need.
She lightly traced over her décolletage, imagining they were his fingers. “Each freckle and tiny mole.”

liked her blemishes. They made her feel normal, as the village girls must feel. 

“Alienated from society,
sequestered away in that old gothic castle on the hill, you’re anything but

the filmy haze of euphoric bliss, her pert nipples strained sexy and hard. The
company of the midday sun morphed into a lover’s luxuriant caress across her
dampened skin. Her hands mimicked the hot fantasy, plumping her breasts and
pushing them together, all while massaging gently.
sounds of the forest faded away. In the back of her mind, she wondered what she
might look like while playing with herself in front of the imaginary prince.
day, she’d like to try it and find out for real.
The prince watched her, urging with
his sexy grin and suggestive eyes. “Touch yourself lower, Evianna.”

comply with his royal command, she pushed on with her hands and touched between
her legs. A jolt of pleasure lifted her hips off the rock and she planted her
feet to spread wide for his viewing pleasure. Not wasting a moment, she slid
off her panties and threw the scrap of satin in the direction of her dress.
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