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Natasza Waters

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An epic story of imperfect love. 
Mika’s a
regular kinda gal. When she rents a cottage from Cain, she doesn’t know the
sexual fantasies of women have made Cain a wealthy man. Once friendship plunges
into desire, he won’t allow her disease to stop him from teaching her passion
and love are more than skin deep, and it will heal them both.
Flaming Excerpt:
Cain drew her into his arms, and she straddled his hips. His mouth circled her breast, and he sucked on her gently, his finger tracing her wetness. “You’re all mine, sweetheart, and I couldn’t be happier.” There could only be one reason for her discomfort. He rolled her onto her back. “Will you give me your innocence?”
Mika’s chest rose and fell with sharp shallow breaths. “You really want me?”
She sounded so surprised it made him chuckle. He had a thousand yes’s lined up, but it’d take too long to say them all. “Not just want—possess.”
Her finger traced his jaw. “You should be grossed out.”
The pout of her lips drove him to lean forward and follow the pillowy outline with his tongue. He kissed her, nibbling on her softness. “They’re just scars, they’re part of you, but I want all of you.” Gently coaxing her, he guided her hand to his waistband. Being a professional in the trade didn’t mean he could subdue nature. She slid his pants past his hips, and his shaft sprung against his stomach. Both of them naked, his breath became heavier with need. Where was his control? “Agapi mou.”
“Did you just moo at me?” Her brows rose.
He rubbed his cheek against her stomach, soft and warm. Molding his hands to her thighs he parted them, and brought his mouth to her mound. “No, it’s Greek.” He’d let her search out the meaning. Sliding his tongue slowly across her moist skin, he moaned. His erection strained to feel her heat, be buried inside of her. With rhythmic strokes, her passion grew.
“Oh my God,” she cried out, her hips rising from the bed with his ministrations.
The alphabet was an old technique he’d used for years, and she loved the ‘I’, when his tongue punctuated her channel. With ‘T’ her body melted, the cross made with the pad of his thumb and a stroke of his tongue. ‘O’ made her stomach tremble when his mouth covered her fold, and he sucked with quick little pulses until her fingers twisted the bed sheets into a ball.
He crawled up her body. Against the Egyptian sheets, her rich, dark curls surrounded her head. Grinning down at her, he kissed her nose and then her mouth. “You don’t have to be experienced, Mika.” She dripped with need, and he slid his shaft against her fold, gently rolling his hips. “You are all I need and we’re going to savor every second.”
“You come well equipped for your profession,” she breathed, her eyes glinting with flickers of mirth between little gasps of desire.
A hearty laugh burst from his mouth. Tipping his forehead to hers, he loved that they laughed in each other’s arm. “It’s yours my fair lady. No one else’s.” Rotating his hips, her moisture covered his throbbing head. For the first time, he would pleasure a woman he truly loved. Every moment they shared, they’d become closer, friends first, now lovers. The way it was supposed to be.
The embers died a little in her gaze. “You’d tell me the truth, right?”
He nodded. “I will.”
Her one eye narrowed. “Is this pro bono work or should I say, pro boner?”
His shoulders shook with laughter. The desire didn’t die, it got stronger knowing her first lover would be him. His thumb turned circles around her bundle of nerves, barely touching her, creating a fire of need inside her. “Making love isn’t a sprint, it’s a dance,” he said, teasing her with his tongue. Her beautiful body quivered below him, and he kissed her deeply. “And I’ve been waiting all my life to dance with you.”
“Have you taken someone’s virginity before or were they all amazing lovers?”
He grinned with understanding. She was throwing up diversions left and right. He wished he could tell her he hadn’t, but there wasn’t much he hadn’t done in bed. He brushed her nose, giving her the time she obviously needed. “I was hired a couple times to do that.” She smiled meekly at him. “There’s a difference, Mika.” Touching her tenderly, signaling to her subconscious she was safe in his hands. “I want to swallow the gasp of pain when I enter you. Every thrust will send us higher, bring us closer. I’m going to treasure the moment you come with me.” The fear receded in her eyes, replaced with a lick of desire. He gently slipped his finger inside her and felt the resistance. “I want to see the wildness in you, Mika.” Speaking to her in calming tones, he applied more pressure, strumming her, gently stretching her. He positioned himself between her tapered legs, and kissed a trail down the middle of her body, ending at her mound, sucking the sensitive tip gently. Teasing her, he swept his tongue against delicate nerves and her thighs relaxed.
“I want,” she whispered shyly.
“I know what you want,” he whispered back, the head of his shaft teasing her opening, his heart yearning to make her his.
* * * * *
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