I’d like to welcome a very good friend of mine, Melissa Limoges. 

With the right amount of arm twisting, I was able to preview a copy of 
Winter Secrets. 

Let me just say: You’re in for a treat!
Winter Solstice Run
#3 (Black Hills Wolves #33)
Decadent Publishing
Paranormal Romance
Release Date:
Length: 23K/78pgs

Patience is a
virtue…a lesson Stephen Dorsett has learned over the years, wooing his mate. He
loves the prickly woman with all his heart, but he’s keeping a secret from
her—one that will soon change the entire dynamic of their relationship.
Kate Matthews has a
secret of her own, but she’s reluctant to share her surprise with Stephen. With
her mate spending too many long hours and late nights at work recently, Kate
begins to second-guess Stephen’s commitment to her.
One simple
misunderstanding, fueled by insecurities and doubts, is all it takes to throw
Kate and Stephen off course. Will they allow their secrets to pull them apart,
or make their love stronger?
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Kate Matthews gaped at the small,
plastic stick she clutched with a death grip. The frantic drum of her heart
beat against her ribcage while her stomach churned in discord. A swift influx
of panic, elation, disbelief, and fear bombarded her all at once, dragging the
air from her lungs in a noisy whoosh.
“Oh, shit.”
Reeling from the revelation, she
stumbled backward to drop onto the toilet lid before her weak knees buckled.
Unfortunately, she miscalculated the distance and fell in between the sink and
toilet with a surprised squeal, landing in a squished heap and banging her head
on the wall in the process. Temporarily rendered stupid, she simply sat there,
wedged in the tiny space, gawking at the little strip of plastic glaring the
truth at her.
“You all right in there?” her mate,
Stephen, called from the other side of the door. No doubt he’d scented her
Alarm whipped through her
bloodstream, and the pregnancy test flew from Kate’s trembling hand to clatter
on the floor in front of her. When he twisted the doorknob, she bolted from the
floor and snatched the small stick from the bathroom tiles.
“I’m fine,” she exclaimed. “There
was a spider.”
He twisted the knob again, and she
sent up a quick prayer of thanks she’d had the foresight to turn the latch.
“Why’d you lock the door?” A mix of
irritation and concern tinged his deep voice.
Frantic, she stashed the plastic
strip in a box of tampons in the cabinet under the sink, certain he’d never
look there, and then darted for the entrance. Once she fumbled with the lock,
she tugged the door open and came face to chest with Stephen.
“I must’ve locked it by accident
when I came in.” The excuse sounded weak to her own ears. Surely, he would
think the same. They never locked the bathroom door, if she could get him to
close the damn thing at all.
A frown creased his golden features.
He watched her through narrowed blue eyes—attempting to decipher the obvious
lie and cow her with his probing stare at the same time.
Drop it. Drop it. Please, for the love of God, drop it.

About the Author

Melissa Limoges lives
along the Gulf Coast with her OCD cat, Mr. Tibbs. Tax assessor by day, romance
writer by night, she enjoys anything coffee related, traveling, and reading
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