I’d like to give a HUGE flaming welcome to my good friend

Brenda Dyer!

She and six other romance authors have completed a very unique anthology titled Crashing Into Love.

“Lost meets Romancing the Stone–action adventure, a dash of mystery, and romance to die for. 

Seven planes lift off…seven planes crash…seven stories of struggle, passion and love in the barren Canadian Wilderness, the coast of England, or the steamy heat of a tropical island. Romance hangs in the balance between survival and death.”


Somehow, someway, they’d escaped
death again. First they survived the crash and the swim to shore. Now they
survived a near fall over the cliff—and if he had gone over, she would have
followed. He was everything to her. She could pretend until the damn cows
decided they wanted to come home, or when pigs sprouted wings and flew like
birds, that he was just her friend, but her heart knew the truth.

Their lips were less than an inch apart. A loud peel of thunder,
followed by a flash of lightning, made her jerk in his arms. He tightened his

“Chad,” she whispered at the same
time he spoke her name.

The mind-numbing fear flooding her
veins morphed to lust. The power of her arousal burned, and she became acutely
aware of the tightness of her jeans pressing against her aching clit. Her
nipples chaffing as they puckered and rubbed against her wet bra. The heat of
his intense stare roaming over her face. His firm muscles under her hands. Of
their own accord, her fingers traveled over his wide shoulders and up his neck,
where they tangled in his damp hair.

She gazed at his lips with a hunger
she couldn’t deny any longer. Another flash of lightning lit up his face, and
she sucked in a ragged breath when she saw the animalistic look in his eyes.

He wanted her. She didn’t know if it
was because of his near-death experience, and she didn’t care.

Chad groaned. The next second, his
lips crushed hers in a kiss that both excited and scared her. Their tongues
danced and twined together. His two day’s worth of stubble scrapped her skin.
Nothing she’d experienced thus far compared to this incredible moment. And
every cell in her body rejoiced.

She turned, pushed him onto his back,
and crawled on top. Holding his head, she kissed him with all her love and wild
abandon. All the years of secretly wanting him came to the forefront, and
nothing could stop her. Here, in this cave on this deserted island, she would
finally have what she’d wanted since she was sixteen.

The storm, releasing its fury outside
the opening, became white noise. The damn world could have fallen apart around
her, and she still wouldn’t have been able to stop. His lips and tongue were
the center of her universe. Nothing mattered but her and him, and the
unbelievable pleasure building inside.

With their tongues duelling, she
gripped the bottom of his wet shirt and pulled it up. She had to break lip
contact for a millisecond so she could tug his shirt over his head. But the
moment his arms slipped free from the sleeves, his mouth slanted over hers

She smoothed her palms over his hot,
velvety skin, touching and exploring, reveling in the way his solid muscles
formed hills, valleys, and deep ridges. Cupping his rounded pecs, she then
thumbed his flat nipples until they peaked.

His body trembled under her palms,
and he groaned into her mouth.

Christine broke their kiss and stared
down at his bared upper body. The sight of his perfection stole her breath. For
years she’d watched him on the big screen playing different characters, from
medieval knights to a sexy Seal trying to save the planet. And each film, the
directors made damn sure Chad appeared topless. His face and body filled the
theater seats with women eye-humping him—and she couldn’t blame them. She did
the same.

And for too many years, jealousy ate
at her heart as the actresses playing alongside him touched and tasted him

Well, now it was finally her turn.

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