Thank you to my Facebook friend Yvonne Nicolas, I’ve been challenged to
share seven things about my writing.
*Cue blank look* What could I possibly say about my writing that anyone
would be interested in?

Whew…here we go…

I write
in bursts that vary anywhere from one word to one hour. Why? Because I don’t
have an office (yet) where I can close the door and shut out the world.
My concentration is constantly
interrupted by the voices of my spawn calling, “Hey, Mom?”, my husband (who, by
the way, has HIS own office) yelling, “Babe, will you look at this before it
goes out?”, or a variety of neighing, baaing, and barking animals.
2.       Most of my writing is completed while standing.
And it’s not because I don’t have a chair.

Sitting is for
sissies. Standing is for studs (or stud-ettes). And if you believe that, I have
lakeside property for sale in drought stricken California.  

Truth is, my back
and bum hurt if I sit longer than fifteen or twenty minutes. The panche of
youth has come back to haunt me. *sigh*
3.   While the first book I wrote ~ Remedy Maker ~
had a complete 30,000 word outline, the second book ~ Troll-y Yours ~ I wrote
shooting from the hip.
And what did that teach me?
Apparently nothing, because I wrote the next two stories using a combination of
both methods. Now that I understand myself and the writing methods that work
best for me, a complete outline is my modus operandi.
4.     (Am I really only on #4??)  Many of my book characters are based on real
people. (Yes, that means YOU!)

Don’t worry, I’ll
change your name and appearance so even your mother won’t recognize you. Once upon a time, I sold
skin care products for a multi-level marketing company. (This has nothing to do with the aforementioned appearance change! Stop it!!) During that time, I stared looked at everyone’s face to evaluate their skin and makeup needs. Now you’re
all fodder for my books. You’re characters plotting to take over the world!
Buahahaha!!! Or… maybe you’re stuck in a pitch dark room, crying for mommy. But
if you’re really nice to me, well, I’ll just leave it at that.

5    Robotic vacuum cleaners RULE!
Why did I mention this as part
of my writing life? Mainly because I don’t have time to mess with that crap
when there’s a story clogging my brain. Even as I type right now, my little
friend has happily sucked up the spoils of our living room war and is zooming to
redock her little self. One thing I’ve learned in my writer’s life: outsource
that which others can do.
6.       I find exercise is important – especially when
I’m sedentary all day.

 My brain fires on
all two pistons much better after a quick thirty-minute walk. Moving away from
the white space and into the world clears my mental hard drive and opens the spongy
file to receive. When I’m writing a particularly tough scene, one that is
emotionally driven, I’ll head out the door with my little dog. If a walk in the
fresh air doesn’t help, and it’s too early to start drinking, I’ll search YouTube
for an appropriate punishment in Yoga.

(NOT me)
  [a likeness of me]
7.      Most of my writing is typed on the laptop.

 Before the laptop, I
used one of my kids’ computers. If those were both in use, I’d use my husband’s
desktop model in his office. I tried to write freehand once, but my mind moved
faster than I could pen it out and I ended up frustrated, finger cramped, and
needing a drink.

  So there you have it,
Sheri Fredricks in a nutshell. And while that remark alone should generate a few
hardy-har comments in itself, it is the REAL me.

  Thank you for
stopping by! If you have a moment, let me now a few tidbits of your writing

   Love, Sheri

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