Today is Thanksgiving and yes, I’m stressing.  But
what has me pulling my hair and chewing nails to the nubs isn’t the green
bean casserole or burning the marshmallow yams again. It’s the writing
life, the part of me connected to my laptop via flying fingers and
headache storms.

Will I learn
to promote correctly? Why doesn’t my marketing EVER work? Can I finish this
manuscript before our mortgage is paid in full?
Bottles of ginkgo
biloba later, and I’m still running on the hamster wheel. The good news is when
I look around the writing world—I’m not the only one.
Hey! I have

And then I read this
post by Kristen Lamb
and realized how far I’d fallen from the turkey trough.
Like Kristen (the Queen of Ultimate
Blogs),  we have kid(s) at home, a
business to run, and shit to do…
And more things
to be thankful for than could possibly be named in one blog.
Here are a few:
I’m thankful for the dirt and dog hair I
sweep or vacuum on a daily basis.
Without these
items of filth, I’d lead a very dull life indeed. I can’t imagine a day without
barking, manure-crusted boot soles, and laughter coming through the door.
I’m thankful to be scrubbing my toilet.
Nearly 80 percent
of the rest of the world (a figure I pulled out of the air) lives without
indoor plumbing. My mother grew up in a home without running water or flush
toilets. I wilderness camped for 3 days (with two little kids) and had my fill
of digging holes.

A family-sized hole!

I’m thankful for gopher holes, dead leaves,
and a lawn that’s gone to seed.
It only serves to
remind me that I’m fortunate to live in a home with a yard surrounded by trees.
(I can always set the sheep on the grass – they’ll mow and fertilize for me)
I’m thankful for my health, and the health
of my family.
In the past
seven months, I buried my dad and mom. They lived a full, vigorous life
and taught me the importance of exercise and clean eating. Most importantly, I
learned to take everything in moderation and deny myself nothing.
I’m thankful for dusty furniture, piles of
laundry, and an empty bird feeder.
Since I began writing, daily chores took a backseat to outlines, character profiles, and
endless plotting charts.  However, if the
dresser were spit-shined, the laundry smelled mountain fresh, and wild birds nested
in my eves, I wouldn’t have time to massage my creative side. 

I’d be frustrated
and one of those wives.

Thank you to my
family: for putting up with my wild hairs.
Thank you to my
friends: while I wish I could spend more time, there’d never be enough time.
Thank you to my
readers: I do it all for you.
Enjoy your time
with family and friends. Remember to be thankful for the ants that invade your
cupboards, the backed up sink, and the neighbor’s dog who leaves a present at
the base of your mailbox every morning. 

Be thankful we live in a country rich
with food and clean water, gridlock traffic, and six o’clock news.

Be thankful. I am.

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