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I love to
write smokin’ hot paranormal-fantasy romance. The first book in my Centaur
series is titled Remedy Maker.

I’ll share a
partial scene where Patience, the wood nymph heroine, wakes next to Rhycious, a
shape-shifting centaur:
“Under the
blankets, Patience turned toward him. “Good morning, Remedy Maker. Wazzup?”
Rhy chuckled
deep in his throat. “I’ll show you.”
He guided the
slim hand caressing his chest down to his jutting erection, and taught her how
to wrap her warm fingers around him. A few tentative strokes later and his eyes
rolled back in pleasure. Uncontrollable urges to thrust into her palm pushed
his hips and legs forward.
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to read the first chapter of this and other award-winning books I’ve written, please click on the chapter above. Enjoy!
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