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When you visit Charisma’s website, you’ll be greeted by a warning which reads: 
“Warning, erotic content located within this site, not suitable for minors.”

Well hell, you had me at WARNING!

Charisma has a new release (no pun intended) that’s sure to raise your temperature. Truly worthy of the Friday Flames.

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Explicit Excerpt:
“I remember those
words well, Rhyker. Now, I wonder if you’ll follow through on them, this time.”
Gently, he rolled
her over on her back and spread her legs. “I’ve waited long enough,” he said,
as his gaze lingered on her body. Slowly, he stroked her clit until her entire
body tingled and she became wet.
“Yesss,” he
hissed as she rode his fingers. “That’s right, baby.”
She watched
Rhyker close his eyes and licked his lips. “Ride my fingers.” His voice was
like velvet, washing over her entire being. Her eyes grew wide as her body
began to quake.
“Unnhh!” she
cried while the pit of her stomach clenched. His eyes snapped open when she
started to squirm beneath him.
“Your body just
sucks my fingers in. Yes, oh, you’re coming. Mmm, you’re so wet for me,” he
instigated. He licked his lips before pressing them together.
Charlie rolled
her head from side to side, grabbed her breasts, and pinched her nipples.
“Rhyker!” Her voice was unrecognizable even to her ears. “I want you inside me
now,” she demanded.
“We’ve all
night,” he reassured her. “Let me pleasure you and take our time.”
She shook her
head. “You need to hurry.”
He placed a thick
finger against her mouth. “Are you rushing me?”
Slowly, his
finger work brought her on the edge of another delicious orgasm. Charlie
couldn’t take it
anymore and screamed her pleasure.
“Rhyker, I want
you now, please don’t make me wait. I don’t want to
wait. Please,”
she begged.
“Be still or
you’ll receive no pleasure tonight,” he commanded and kissed his way down her
torso. Along the way, he stopped to indulge in tasting the fleshy mounds. He
moaned before capturing a dark nipple between his teeth.
His threat
subsided her impatience. Charlie drew in a breath as his long tongue extended
from his mouth. It was unusually long and smooth in texture. The tip held a
deep slit, resembling that of a reptilian forked tongue, only it was thicker.
“Rhyker!” she
exclaimed, and fisted a handful of blond hair. She became wetter as his large,
roughened hands simultaneously squeezed her breasts, pushing them together. Her
pulse raced and her body tingled as he greedily shoved both pointed tips into
his mouth.
Charlie’s breath
stilled, and her heart drummed against her chest when he bit down on her nipple
and held it there, in between those sharp teeth.
She bit her lip
as their eyes locked together. Her wetness increased, and she gyrated her body
against his large one.
He released the
nipple and began lapping at it, soothing it. The pained pleasure was the most
delicious she’d felt in her life. “Yes,” she insisted as her body tingled,
yearning for more. “Again.” She was on fire and she could only dream what other
pleasures awaited them.
Rhyker chuckled
before doing the same to the other nipple. Charlie yelped and let out a gasp as
he bit down hard. Gradually he increased the pressure, just like before.
“Ohmigod! Rhyker!”
Releasing her
breasts, he delivered wet kisses down the length of her body. His large hands
caressing her marred skin. He continued the journey, slowly, seductively until
he reached the spot where she wanted him most.
He glared up at
her as he spread her legs wide to accommodate his hulking physique. “I could
devour you.” His eyes were glazed and his breathing was shallow. He growled as
he gently parted her delicate folds with his thumbs, exposing her pearl to his
heated gaze. That turned her on immensely.
Charlie propped
herself up on both elbows to witness her Dragon Warrior invaded her flesh with
his probing tongue. “Then devour me, whole,” she insisted. Her legs quivered
slightly as he placed them on his broad shoulders.
Holding her
captive with his burning eyes, he ran his rough fingers along the soaked seam
of her swollen lips. She held her head back and cried out, jerking her hips
against Rhyker’s face. She watched him again as he gently manipulated the
engorged nubbin which he ever so gently held between his teeth.
Charlie swallowed
hard and stilled her movements as he entered her with a thick digit. “Aw, yes,”
she mused. “Yes, Rhyker, deeper, harder.”
He obliged by
clamping down harder on the sensitive tissue, forcing her body to detonate.
Hungrily Rhyker flicked his long tongue across her swollen flesh. He replaced
his finger with his tongue and gently chuckled as he curled it deep inside her.
Charlie’s eyes rolled in the back of her head because his tongue seemed to
reach a part of her his finger hadn’t.
He knew it
apparently and held it there, increasing pressure against the spot that sent
her spiraling into temporary insanity.
Charlie shuddered
when he brought her to the first orgasm with his tongue. Oh, but he wasn’t
finished with her. The wicked gleam in his eyes told her so. Rhyker smiled
wickedly as he dipped his head and manipulated her flesh again with that long,
devilish tongue of his.
With rounded lips
Charlie dug her hands into his thick mass of his hair. She rode his face in
earnest as he plunged in and out of her wetness.
“Hmmm.” She
hummed and eventually shrieked as he pinned her hips to the bed. She wriggled,
but he pinned her down. He’d overpowered her, in more ways than one.

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