. . . it’s the size of their
So, I tweaked the old
saying a bit. We’ve all heard the original, how it’s the size of the fight in
the dog, but not until yesterday did I apply this philosophy to my writing career.
An author friend and I
were emailing back and forth. She told me a funny sad story about her
dog, Jess, and what trouble she’d gotten into.
Our conversation drifted and I was shocked to hear that 30 pound Jess
likes to chase 600 pound wild bears when they go on hikes (which rhymes with
See Jess’s story here:

After laughing
watching the video, it made me wonder how big Jess’s non-existent balls were.
I weigh a teeny bit *cough-cough* more than 30 pounds and unless my inner gas tank were filled with straight moonshine, I’d never go after a
freaking bear.
The difference
between Jess and I:  Confidence

Four years ago as a new author who penned weird original material, I had confidence by the bucketfuls. Nobody ever
told me shapeshifting centaurs would be a niche genre.
*** Just like nobody told Jess
she was smaller than the bear. ***
Until I discovered gravity
in the form of sales rank, confidence was my friend.
I wish I could be more
like Jess and chase that damn bear! Go balls out, bark my loudest, and not
allow fear to enter the game.
Thank you to Liza O’Conner for allowing me to steal share Jess for
this blog. Incidentally, Jess shows up twice in Liza’s book “Saving Casey”. Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00A7KRSOO

Go forth and be bold today,
May your balls be huge.

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