My good friend Natasza Waters writes some of the best SEAL romantic suspense novels I’ve ever read. When I picked up her first book “Code Name: Ghost”, I literally could NOT put it down. Her series “Warrior’s Challenge” is awesome beyond belief.

Here’s the info:

Navy SEAL sniper
Mace Callahan has a sharp eye focused on Nina. When another warrior takes aim at
her, Mace wages war for her heart.
Nina Samson, an analyst working at Coronado
Base Command, lands in Navy sniper Mace Callahan’s lap like an I.E.D. Two weeks
of fiery passion with the lithe redhead, and the self-proclaimed bachelor raises
the white flag.
Arriving in San Diego, Nina, a single mother
with an eight-year-old daughter, spots danger ahead. Mace’s Hollywood goods
looks and wicked smile makes her heart run a zip-line of crazy. Lust for the
sexy SEAL swiftly turns to fear when he deploys to Syria for a

Mace returns home angry. Believing his injury destroys their
future, unable to pleasure any woman, especially one like Nina, he tries to
sever their relationship. She deflects every round Mace fires at her heart,
determination controlling the helm. Just as the seas calm, fate advances.
Another warrior sets his sights on her. Mace will wage war for her heart, but
it’s “Nina’s Choice”.

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Do yourself a favor – get a copy of her books, find a quiet corner, and settle in for the ride of  your life!
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