Sizzling heat. Clenched teeth. Desire beyond reason…or rationale.
It’s not easy to write a scene that captures your reader’s imagination 
and attention. 
To hold them in a grip so tight…they go up in flames!

Today, I want you to share your Steamy Hot scene, the one that sends the reader up in flames.

It doesn’t have to be graphic. Tension can increase the pounding of our blood. 
Lead us to the moment…keep us hanging by a thread.

To start us off, here’s an excerpt from Brenna Chase’s book: North and South

“What do you want, love?”
She swallowed, closed her eyes. “You, inside me.”
“God, yes, I want that too,” he murmured. “Look at me,
She turned round. He had moved slightly away from her.
Margaret leaned forward, cupped his face, and pressed her lips to his. She slid
them back and forth, teasing and caressing. His breath hitched, and she opened
her eyes and smiled at him. Mr. Thornton gazed back at her, his expression
determined, hungry. Her chest rose and fell on a deep breath, desire coiling
through her, hot and heady, as he caught one of her hands and tugged her gently
toward him. She straddled him, his erection teasing her cleft as she settled on
his lap, and the rapid thud of his heart matched her own as her breasts crushed
against his hard chest, sending more thrilling sensations rushing through her
body. He drew her face down toward his again, and she licked her lips, parting
them for the coming kiss. His mouth closed over hers. His tongue delved inside
to claim and coax hers, while his hands moved to her hair, his fingers
uncoiling and sifting through the thick strands.
His mouth gentled, his tongue dancing with hers,
gliding around, stroking along it. Margaret trembled and ached more than she
had before with each caress. When he began to leave her, heedless of her own
need for breath, her hands moved to his shoulders, and her lips closed around
the agile muscle, drew it into her mouth, and suckled. His low groan reverberated
throughout her body, and Margaret, encouraged, repeated the caress.
Okay people! Brenna showed you hers – now it’s your turn. Don’t forget to leave your book title so interested parties can rush out and buy!

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