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 Crystal Drake will start us off with a scene from her book – Entangled

The high commander opened her
legs, knelt between them in his power position, and he caressed her thighs with
his big, hot hands. Her legs quivered and heated. The wetness he caused was
instant. The sight of his ready erection made her hungry for him. He stretched
over her and applied a hungry kiss to her lips that drove away her fear.
Then he moved down her body,
placing tiny sucking kisses down her neck and shoulders, tickling her. The
chilly breeze titillated her flesh. His hot mouth reached her breasts to find
them rushing for his attention. He suckled one, then the other, and she
couldn’t stop whispering his name. He trailed kisses down her stomach until he
reached the apex of her womanhood. The imagining of his mouth anywhere near
that pleasure center made her mind and body feel as though she spun.
“Oh, Kade…” came out in a
rushing breath, her body shivering again.
“Willa… I want Valco to see
me worship you like this.”
She shuddered and moaned and
felt terribly hungry.
“You’re very wet, Willa… Do
you want me?”
Her thighs shook at his
stimulation. “I don’t want anything like I want you, Kade.”
“I don’t want anything like I want you, priestess. Tell
that deceiver he can’t take you from me, Willa.”
Kade went down on her,
surprising her and making her cry out his name. His tongue danced over the
folds of her sex, causing tremors of orgasm through her body. His name
shuddered from her lips through the forest from no intentional effort of her
own. She heard it but barely realized it came from her when he rocked her with
a strong orgasm swamping her senses with ecstasy. She opened her eyes to see
him there, thrilling her like that and obviously enjoying it. Another gasp
escaped her mouth, and she slid her fingers into his shortly cropped hair.
Enthusiastic for response, he used his mouth and fingers to make her cry out

When he’d nearly made her
weep from wanting his total possession, he moved up her body and kissed her
passionately. Then he entered her to the great mind-expanding pleasure of her
heart and body. 

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