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When it comes to Halloween, I always think of things Non-Human. The things that are there one moment and gone the next…
…like a Troll perhaps. 
Please enjoy this excerpt from my paranormal-fantasy romance, Troll-y Yours:

Stark determination set in eyes of
pure green, ran full speed toward him. Ella’s scream came out of nowhere,
ricocheting off the chiseled rock walls. Outstretched body streamlined in
midair, wild red hair poured out behind her.
Aleksander experienced a degree of
terror as he’d never felt before.
With his lower half dead until the
transition completed, age-old fear reached up and grabbed him by the balls.
Fixated by the events in motion, he could only look on, horrified, as Ella threw
her soft body between him and the rebel’s lusty sword.
If the weapon didn’t kill him, a
heart attack would.
Distracted by her shriek and flying
body, the Satyr’s shocked reaction slowed the inertia of his sword arm’s descent.
Just as Ella landed, Aleksander caught her against his chest. She wrapped her
arms around his shoulders and spun her body violently before the rest of her
weight descended.
Both of his hands at her waist, air
expelled from his lungs in a rush. His human legs were nearly formed and he was able
to toss one over her thigh to protect as much of her as he could from the slash
to come. Ella used his thrown leg as part of the impetus to rotate them, her Troll
strength surprising his Centaur nature.
The Satyr’s arm continued to drop.
The sword fell with it.
Monstrous fear snapped through him
and exploded to larger proportions. He gripped her body tighter and fought to turn
them faster, to place himself directly in the path of steel death. Anguish spread in
numbing degrees as he waited for her last breath to fall.
No! Not Ella! Her sweet, terrified
face wore a familiar mask of stubbornness. At the thought of losing her,
something panged deep inside. He didn’t understand half of why she would risk
her life for him, but Alek knew Ella to be in more danger than himself if
she were above him, baring her back to the blade.
As if the gods heard his tortured
plea, the ground split beneath them.
Opened up. . .
. . .and swallowed them whole.
I hope you enjoyed the thrilling excerpt and decide to read more of this action-packed romance. You can find Troll-y Yours at these retail locations:
Amazon:   http://is.gd/DaRdkz
Smashwords:  http://is.gd/1VdvGf
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