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For some, this is a day of bad luck. But what’s bad luck for one, is good luck to another!

Here’s a scene from Troll-y Yours with Ella the Troll experiencing some bad luck and Kempor Aleksander, Head Centaur Guard, raking in the good luck.

       Al tossed the apple into a corner
wastebasket with a thud and took the shirt from her. He held it to his muscular
chest. In bright blue lettering it read, Hoof
       Ella burst out laughing, relief
swamping her in waves. “Why didn’t you give it to him?”
       Al lowered the shirt and lined up
the shoulder corners precisely in a fold, his smile fading fast. “He was
arrested last fall, during a raid on a rebel nest.”
       “I’m sorry.” Talk about taking the
mythic wind out of a person.
       “Yeah, me too.” Al handed the
t-shirt back.

       When Ella reached for it—her damn
towel dropped to the floor.       
Aleksander thought he’d seen all the sexiest females within a hundred mile
radius. Voted Most Eligible Bachelor in
fifteen years in a row by Mythic Magazine, the woods crawled with
hungry babes. Nothing in his vast experience prepared him for the sight that
literally blossomed in front of him.
        Lush creamy breasts with raspberry
nipples his lips quivered to taste. When she turned away, the round curves of
her smooth backside presented themselves. Such a delightfully naughty expanse
of flesh, it called him to take strokes with strong passes of his hand.
Dammit, he was in his true form. Oh Pan, why do you taunt me so?

        Ella squealed and turned a bright
shade of pink. She made a grab for her fallen towel.
        Alek didn’t even think, he reached
out and grasped her by the arm. He splayed his front hooves and drew her
wriggling body closer.
        “Al, stop it. I’m naked.”
        “Yes, Kalos.
You are.”

Woo-Wee! Alek really has his hands full now.

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