Part One of my RNC experience.

No, I’m not here to bash the convention or Jimmy Thomas. (though many have on Facebook and in their posted blogs)  Because overall, I had a really good time.

In the past 15 years, this was the first vacation my husband I have taken WITHOUT THE KIDS. Don’t get me wrong, I love my duo spawn like the mother I am. Yes, I probably spoil them rotten. However, even us parents need a break from the constant reminding, refereeing, cleaning, and whining.

I couldn’t wait to get on the road. Hubs had the SUV packed the night before — guess he couldn’t wait either! We woke up at 4AM on Thursday and were on the road by 5:00.

Departing from the California coast, here’s a pic of the sun rising as we made our way through the flat plains of the central valley. Yes, we had the sun in our eyes the entire way!

Some of you from Los Angeles might recognize this picture. Gotta love the oil wells, or at least the ones that were working.

Not much to see out there except rocks, scrub brush, and highway. Maybe the occasional hill.
Out of the desert floor rose an oasis and we made it into Las Vegas. One nickname for this town is Lost Wages. I’m sure there’s others and if you know any of  them, share!   *note how the sun isn’t in our eyes*
We found our hotel, the Golden Nugget, thanks to Mapquest. Of course we arrived during the day, so it didn’t look quite like this. More like….
Things are always less glamorous during the day. Maybe the neon distorts our perception at night. No matter, we were in Las Vegas, baby! Hubs parked in the massive parking garage. I reapplied lipstick and hunted for the shoe I’d tossed in the rear cargo area.
Purse on shoulder, matching shoes on feet, nerves tighter than a stretched rubber band, we strolled arm in arm down to registration where we checked in. Hubs upgraded our room to the Rush Tower and purchased their amenities package, which included use of the spa room and free WiFi – a necessity for any modern writer!   *note: WiFi is free after paying for it*
Using our key card to gain access to the 22nd floor, we took the long ride up in a very nice elevator while sipping free bottled water and munching on packaged peanuts offered to the Nugget’s VIP guests. (part of the amenities package – squee!) 
Remember: we haven’t been on vacation for 15 years! We were going to do this right!
This is our view out the west facing window looking down at the pool. All those little tanned slots down there are people! Yes, I’d say the pool was crowded for a Thursday afternoon. 
The pool is like a big ring and a portion goes underneath a landing. Nice and cool under there. I have pics 🙂  The yellow tube on the bottom left is the waterslide that goes through the shark tank. I heard you can’t actually see the sharks when you’re sliding since you’re going mach speed, but it’s bitchen to watch on the outside! 
No, I didn’t ride the tube. LOL, Hubs and I affectionately called the water “the cesspool of salmonella”. Which it wasn’t, of course! The fumes of chlorine told us that. We’re just not into that many people in the same body of water.

I know, it’s a picture of the bathroom. Who the hell takes pictures of their hotel bathroom? ME, that’s who! Jacuzzi tub on the left with clear doors that can fold back and don’t stretch the distance, cool double bowl sinks with LOTS of counter space and drawers, and – best part – look at all those extra towels!! They even had an electrical outlet in a spot where you can put it to good use! Reflected in the mirror, you can see the vanity lit up behind me.

I loved our room. I even went down to the front desk and thanked the nice gal from Hawaii (it says where the employee is from on their name badge) and told her how much we were going to enjoy staying. The window on the right is the west view overlooking the pool. The other looks southward across Las Vegas, toward the mountains. King-size bed and leather furniture – oh yeah! Desk, dresser, and TV #1 directly across from the bed, and behind me is TV #2 – both were flatscreen and HUGE!  (should have taken a pic of that! Darn it!!)

What was my first stop after freshening up and leaving the room? The bar, of course! See the diver in the upper left corner of the pic?

More pictures and stories to come! If you like my travel tales, please let me know. I look forward to your comments!!

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