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Baby Stetson
Love and Music in Texas, Book One 
In small Texas towns,
strangers come and go…

Left in a Stetson hat,
on the steps of the local bed and breakfast, Avery Callimer came into the world
on a wing and a prayer. Raised by loving adoptive parents, she’s never lacked
for love…only the knowledge of her past.

By day she works the
Inn, but by night…Avery comes alive as lead singer in a band. Life was
good…stable, until new guests blew into town. 

Some strangers come with
secrets and lies.

Lucas Bennett is one
such stranger. Drifting from one mess to another has left him jaded. Doesn’t
matter the dramas are never his doing. Giving it one last shot to make a fresh
start lands him Harmony’s Echo, Texas and smack dab in front of the tantalizing

Despite his best efforts
to ignore the burn Avery’s ignited within, he’s intent to keep his distance.
Secrets have followed him. Secrets he doesn’t want Avery to know.

Each time they’re near
the other things heat up like a brushfire on a dry Texas prairie.

But maybe, after the
dust settles and the smoke clears, love can bloom with a fresh start.

beautiful, Avery Callimer,” Lucas noted softly, tracing the tips of his fingers
over her naval, up her stomach to the front of her bra.  Avery shivered at the
effect.  “I want you.”  To prove it, Lucas positioned himself closer to her,
pushing his erection into her pelvis.  “And this time, if you’ll have me, I’ll
do much better and last a lot longer.” 
Avery moaned and
undressed faster than she ever had before.  Lucas turned the jets on.  Within
seconds the water rolled around, bubbles forming at the edges and in the middle
of the tub.  It looked so inviting! 
Sex in a hot
tub.  That would be another first for her.  Avery was about to step in the tub
with Lucas when she remembered.  “Oh!  My bracelet.  I don’t want to wear it in
the water.  I’d be afraid of losing it.”  Lucas unclasped the bracelet and
handed it to her.  Avery placed it on the counter and hurried to join him in the
tub.  The hot water felt so good!  Avery lowered herself into the tub, her back
leaning against one of the jets.  Lucas cupped his hands and tossed a large
handful of bubbles in her hair.  Water splashed at her face.  
“Lucas!” she
sputtered, splashing back.  He caught her hand mid-splash. 
“I’ve got you
now.”  He knelt before her, trailing kisses up her arm, to her neck.  Lucas let
go of her hands and instead cupped a breast. 
Yes you do.  In
the palm of your amazing hands. 
A cry rippled
from Avery’s throat when Lucas dipped his head to suckle her breast.  She arched
her back, and  the  pressure  of  the  jet  stream  slammed right in her lower
back, only driving her need and desire for him higher.  Lucas lifted his head
just for a second and focused his dark eyes on her, filled with the most desire
she’d ever seen.  Avery took that moment to strike.  She reached for him,
pulling his face to hers for a kiss.  He tasted so divine, and he matched her
kisses with the same intent. 
“I never felt so
much until you, Avery,” Lucas mumbled between kisses.  “I feel alive, thanks to
Avery said
nothing.  Instead, she cupped Lucas’s face in her hands.  She could only stare
at that sexy face for so long until she buried her face in his chest.  “I don’t
know what to say to that.” 
“I don’t need
you to say anything, I just felt like you should know.”  Lucas cradled her head,
his strong arms keeping her secure as he held her tight.  “I’m falling for you,
Had she heard
him right?  Did he really say what she thought he did?  Avery lifted her face to
meet his gaze.
“I need you,
Avery.”  Lucas’s voice cracked, thick with emotion.  His arms tightened around
her.  “I want to make love to you so bad.  I want to feel everything with you,
Lucas had so
much emotion tonight.  His words, his actions lit a fire within her that could
possibly never be put out.  Avery ignored any slight reservations she held about
getting this involved with him again and reached for him.  Avery guided Lucas’s
cock to the entrance of her vagina.  Slowly, Lucas entered her.  Immediately,
Avery cried out with pleasure.  She was about to explode.  The water, the feel
of Lucas’s hands running all over her body and the way he moved in and out
slowly, he was going to drive her to desperate measures. 
Lucas’s lips met
hers once again, his teeth nipping at her bottom lip lightly.  She groaned
beneath him.  “Are you comfortable?  Is this okay?” 
“It’s perfect,
Lucas.  Everything is perfect,” Avery whispered.  And it was.  He was so
passionate, catering to her every need, want and desire.  There was no denying
the look in his eyes, in his touch.  Lucas had come alive with her.  Away went
his reserved attitude, instead replaced by a man who no doubt would give his all
to her. 
She wrapped an
arm around his neck and drew his face closer.  With her other hand, she ran it
through his hair as he thrust faster, deeper into her.  Their bodies molded into
one, the water splashing over the edge of the tub. 
“You’re perfect.
 How could you get any more perfect?” Lucas muttered, pulling back to stare
deeply into her eyes.
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Lynn Barrett lives in Arizona with her husband and son. She’s an avid reader, a
dreamer, and loves everything about books. She runs a book blog, an online used
bookstore, and writes various genres of romance. Nikki can also be found
outside with her camera when a storm is near, snapping photo after photo. Her
dreams of becoming a writer started when she was young, when she started
writing books in one subject notebooks by the fifth grade. The Secret Santa
Wishing Well is her debut book. You can visit Nikki’s site at: for more information. She is working on her
next book. Nikki would love to hear from readers. Email her at
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