It’s been exactly one week since the release of Troll-y Yours.

In my book, that’s cause for celebration! 
So let’s have some steamy SEX!
Alek squeezed his eyes shut. The
breathy sound of his name on her delectable tongue would be his undoing. But he
wanted his name, his full name, to
pass between her lips before he tumbled them over the edge.
“My name is Aleksander. Say it.”
He hooked his arm around one of
her knees, lifting her leg high. Pulling back, he drove into her hard.
“Oh, yes! Yes…Aleksander.”
“That’s my girl.” He added a
playful slap to her ass. “Say it again.”
This time Ella’s voice strained.
She arched and threw her head back. “Al…Aleksander!”
“Yes, Kalos?” He pounded her in earnest now, his scrotum tightening,
pressure building. If he gritted his teeth any harder, he’d chip the points
off. Strain of holding back was almost painful, and he closed his eyes tight.
Ella’s short nails sank into his
skin where she gripped his forearms. “I’m—Holy Titans!”
Faint spasms gripped the head of
his deeply buried cock. The milking sensation moved up his shaft with
increasing strength and speed. Beneath him, Ella’s body bucked. She cried out,
moaning long and low. Her small hands moved to cling to his back and if she
drew blood, he could really give a shit.
This was ecstasy at its peak.
The best he’d ever had.
With a subtle shift, Ella reached
down and grabbed a handful of his hardworking ass, pressed him into her and
forced him to lag his frantic movements.
“Gods,” he moaned. “Please.”
The slide and drag was more than
he could bear, his whole body felt the sensation. Tight, wet, hot, she
enveloped him. She moved beneath him in a slow pumping rhythm.
He didn’t last long.
Explosions of white-hot rapture,
and he was there. Aleksander stiffened his arm braced beside her shoulder,
slapped his hips once more to hers, and let loose his climax.
Buried deep, liquid energy
erupted from his body into hers, creating a shockwave that ripped him in two.
Time stopped. The forest fell
away. All that remained was a perfect female Troll who gathered his depleted
body close.
Troll-y Yours, Book 2 of the Centaurs Series
A BBW Erotic Fantasy Romance
Grab your copy HERE.

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