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One of the
reasons I write Fantasy Romance is because anything
is possible!
I’m allowed the freedom to create a world outside the everyday
box of reality. To make the dreams of my characters come true.

In my latest
release, REMEDY MAKER, there is a world of mythological people who live in the
forest. They interact with humans on a limited basis and are hunted by these
same humans. To us humans, the mythics live a magical life.

Wood Nymphs can magically
shimmer themselves into trees, animate the tree, and wreak havoc with branches
and roots. Pretty scary stuff…unless you’re in love with a Wood Nymph. Then
you’d have to ask yourself: Would you be willing to risk it all?

Trolls are of the
Earth, and as such they have the magical ability to dissolve beneath the crust.
They have a bit of the leprechaun in them, yet are fierce fighters. Being
caught in a Troll’s crosshairs might be a death sentence…unless they’re in love
with you. Then there’s no length to what they’ll do in order to protect you.

Rulers of the
forest have always been the Centaurs. For centuries they have lorded over the
upper class, the echelon of society. They are not without magic themselves –
they shapeshift! Courageous in battle, loving at home, their faults lie within
the structure of the Centaur Kingdom…and their narrow-mindedness toward other
mythological races. What would happen if Centaur should fall in love with a
Wood Nymph?

In my novel
REMEDY MAKER, I address all of the above – and more. I invite you to pick up a
copy today and read yourselves into a world the likes you’ve never experienced

Barnes &
Noble: http://is.gd/BEPhdh

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