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Today I have a guest whose historical romance is considered unsuitable for readers 17 and under!

Yeah! Bring it on!!
Please welcome Jenna Jaxon and her latest release, Betrothal.

A tug on the string that held her chemise and the
garment slackened against her. He gathered the soft shift into bunches at her
shoulders then gently urged it down to pool at her feet. A guttural groan drew
her to look at his face—and read approval in his frank gaze. She shifted
uneasily and wound her hands together, struggling against the need to cover
herself. He should see all of her, everything laid bare tonight. He swallowed
hard and breathed sharply before running a finger down the cleft of her
Oh, God. Shivers chased through her at his
touch and she swayed, unsure if her legs would hold her.
With a contented sigh, he cupped her breasts,
stroked them with strong, nimble fingers. The memory surfaced of running her
hands over her body, wondering how it would feel when his hands were on her.
Never would she have imagined the glory of his touch.
He leaned toward her chest, mouth poised above her…
Surely he would not… Closer and closer, until he touched her flesh. She closed
her eyes and shuddered as a moan escaped her, filling the room with the primal
sound of need. Nothing had ever felt as wonderful as her breasts firming to the
touch of his tongue. Warmth settled low in her belly, and she gasped as moisture
gathered between her legs. 
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