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In my award winning erotic fantasy romance, Remedy Maker, the Centaur hero takes it from slow burn to flaming hot!

With one swipe,
he plucked her ridiculously small bikini off her bottom and pulled her body under
him. When he first laid eyes on Patience, he thought her to be pale and skinny.
He’d recoiled in disgust at the Wood Nymph mark on her neck.
 The same mark he kissed and nuzzled. Blinded
with prejudice, he’d been no better than Khristos in the palace hall.
Slight in
stature, she bore his weight between her thighs and walked her heels up to the
small of his back. A virgin days before, Patience was a quick study and a bold
A prize any honorable
Centaur stallion would cherish. And fall in love with.
giggled, her fingers combed through his hair. “And how will we do
letting my rise…shine.” He slid his hands under her hips and raised her up
to meet his thrust. The smooth entry revealed her readiness for him, of which
he thanked the gods. Hot, wet, and tight hugged his length.
Patience’s eyes glazed over. Her inner muscles gripped his cock in warm welcome,
like a firm handshake. He closed his eyes, afraid he’d frighten her when she
saw how they’d rolled back with his pleasure.
For a moment,
Rhycious held her still, allowing her body time to adjust and himself time to
regain control. Slowly he moved again, enjoying the sensation of utter bliss
and contentment. Spirals of heat spread from where they connected, passing from
him into her.
steadily increased his speed until he was pumping into her with an energized force.
When her gasping escalated to a continuous moan, he snapped his eyes open to
watch her fall apart under him. He doubled his efforts, groaning with strain,
nearing his peak. Glancing down between them, he witnessed the beauty of his
long shaft plunging in and out of her. Dark hair surrounding his hardness, her
smooth skin receiving him.
Cupping her
breast, he kissed and laved her nipple, giving it a few hard sucks. “I
lose myself over needing you,” he whispered.
Her breath came
hard, but she managed to choke out, “You probably say that…to all the females.”
I only wish that were true. “Just
you,” he panted. “This is nothing like anything I’ve ever felt
confuzzled with your understandwich.”
It means the bog is quickly sucking me under—and
I love every moment of it.
His lower half
had taken over thinking for his upper half, making it impossible for him to comment.
Long, slow assaults became quick and hard, driving her body deeper into the air
bead mattress.
Patience moaned
loudly with each powerful stroke. “Uh, uh, ohh…”
His senses
staggered. Utterly consumed with desire for her, fever licked through his body.
Her eyes, large
and liquid, burned with mutual abandon. Cries of her pleasure and the push of
her hips matched him, thrust for thrust. Squeezed by her inner muscles
pulsating in ecstasy, he peaked the crest of the mountain.
Unable to hold
back, Rhycious gathered Patience close to his heart and shouted her name, flooding
her with his love. Each squeeze of her orgasm tightened like a heavenly fist around
his cock, and he spurted a little more love. Her quivers continued until she lay
boneless beneath him, having taken all he could give.
Except for the part of me I can’t give her.
Patience deserves better.

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