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Here’s my six from Remedy Maker, Book One of the Centaur series. The Remedy Maker’s best friend, Aleksander, meets Patience the Wood Nymph for the first time:

A gorgeous dark-haired Centaur, with equally handsome dark
eyes, leaned his arms on the back of the sofa, resting his chin in his palm. 
“Well, hello sweet-thing. What’s your name?”
Patience gripped the edge of the handmade blanket, its soft
weave a thin barrier from prying eyes. She peered out, keeping her face half
His long fingers stroked an immaculate goatee, framing perfect
white teeth when he smiled. Links of thick gold chain circled his tanned neck
and swung with his movements. 
“Leave her alone, Alek. She’s my…patient.” Rhy closed
the front door harder than necessary and crossed the room in long strides. His
brows pinched over his eyes that flicked over her, checking she remained fully
covered. Facing the sorrel-colored Centaur, he crossed his arms and inclined
his head. “Let’s talk in the kitchen.”
Alek’s smile grew, but he made no sign of straightening. Double
rows of barbed-wire tattoos wound around his right bicep and jumped when he
pumped the muscle. “I don’t think so.” He winked and pointed his chin.
“If he’s just your remedy-maker, why’s your pretty face turning red,


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