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For every resolution I make, there are five I break. Here a five that I broke last year:

1.  Lose 20 pounds
2. Work out daily
3.  Ride the horses, don’t just look at them
4.  Clean something every day
5.  Fill the car up when it hits a quarter tank

In my erotic paranormal/fantasy romance, REMEDY MAKER, Rhycious (the hero) makes a resolution to find a cure for his love Patience.

Shape-shifting Centaurs and disappearing Wood Nymphs create an alluring story filled with sensual moments and heart-stopping action.

Nominated for BEST FANTASY ROMANCE OF 2012 by the Paranormal Romance Guild.

Remedy Maker is on sale!

Normally priced at $7.99, the hop sale price is $3.99 for a limited time.
Pick up your copy today!

I write a
combination of Sensual and Erotic (not erotica) romance and combine this with
Paranormal and Fantasy. 

Here’s an excerpt
from Remedy Maker:

Her moisture—pure
heaven. Nectar from the gods. A true sign of just how badly she wanted him. 

He wanted her
with an obsession so savage he fought to keep it under control. He’d never risk
hurting or frightening her. So generous, she saved his life with her gentle and
compassionate ways. Whatever Patience did, he would see that she never suffered
or wanted again. 

The protective
thought nearly made him stop. He feared for her life with his traumatic mental
flare-ups and didn’t want to hurt her. Just the same, he couldn’t make himself
quit her either. In truth, he wanted to plunge into her, plant himself deep
inside and allow friction to wash over them in a sensuous tide. 

Bathed and coated
in her moist heat, his hips thrusted out of control. She whimpered against his
mouth, her fingernails cutting into his back with magnificent ferocity. With
every forward stroke, his rubbed his pubic hair against her sensitive clit. 

yourself with me, Polytima. Just let
yourself go.” 

Damn, she was
tight as his fist. As soon as she peaked, he’d let it all go deep inside her. He
groaned at the mental image, his swollen cock enormous and heavy as it moved in
and out of her.  


“Am I
hurting you?” 

“No, but…”
Her panting sounded loud in his ear, fueling his desire to take her to flaming

Hard with need of
her, suddenly angry at himself for his many failings, he rammed forward,
lifting her hips off the bed with his force. 

She cried out,
her inner muscles clenching around him in quickening pulses. Teeth gritted,
neck straining, barely the presence of mind to wait for her, to reach the
finish line together.  

Gods, she was so
blessedly tight around him, it was hard to do. 

He wanted to fuck
her hard, make her come again and again, until she couldn’t think of anything
but him.

If you make a sensual resolution this year, what will it be? 

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