At this time of year, I have
many to thank for the blessings of 2012. I can’t possibly name you
all, so I apologize and bear with me:
My husband, to whom I owe
everything. You’ve been my rock and inspiration, passion and heat. I love you.
Paranormal Romance author,
Brenda Dyer:  (website) With your sharp eyes,
shit-kicking boots, and ability to motivate via Skype, you helped make 2012
awesome. Thank you, hoser!
Romantic Western Suspense
author, D’Ann Lindun: (website)  Yee-haw! 2012
brought many things, didn’t it? All of them treasures, and I treasure you.
Upcoming  Inspirational Romantic
Suspense / YA Paranormal author, Martha Ramirez: (website)  Blessings come in many ways. Sometimes the
message is through a crit. Hugs!
Zoe:  Woof Bark Bark! Without your distraction to
kill kill kill, my fight scenes would fall flat. Now go find something to mutilate.
Erotic Romance author,
Leanore Elliott
: (website)  You’re a rare commodity
in my world. Selfless, giving, and have the iron will of a pit bull who’ll
never give up! Thank you.
Up and coming Historical Romance
author, Melissa Limoges: (website)  Fluff or badass,
filler or awesomesauce, you’ve given me giggles when I needed to laugh. Thank
you. *Air hug*
Please leave your excerpt,
buy links, website, and any comments you want.  
Friday Flames is here FOR YOU to
showcase your talent and sweat equity.
And now…for my excerpt:
From my Work In Progress
titled TROLL-Y YOURS, book two of the
Centaur series:
lifted his head to brush his lips against hers, gently licking her lips,
teasing the corners, nipping lightly on her full lower one. Her lips fascinated
him with their sensuous swell, and he learned he loved to kiss and taste them.
Nip at them. Lose hours just making love to her mouth. 
parted her lips and he pounced on the perfect moment by slipping his tongue to
find the hot slickness of the interior. The hesitant touch of her tongue
against his, sent arrows of heat spearing through him. The strike went straight
to his throbbing cock and aching balls.
Slow, dipshit. Slow down. He had one opportunity to show her how much he wanted
her. How he felt about her—royal duties be damned.
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