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The best
Christmas present I ever got was my first horse. Old Polka-dots carried me more
miles than I deserved, and then some. She was the ugliest brown thing with a
big black dot on her butt, but she introduced me to a world of horses. 

And that’s where
my mythic world of Centaurs was born!
Remedy Maker
Book One in the Centaur Series
(today only $3.99 – normally $7.99)
Rhycious’ eyes locked on his latest
discovery, his mouth hung slack. “My gods, Patience. You’re so—” His
words broke off and his mouth came down on her breast. His warm lips took a
distended point deep into his mouth. The heat and sucking motion moved in time
to the fingers pushing insistently between her legs. Her legs spread wide by
his big body; he had total access to her. She almost cried from the want of

“Oh my gods!” Pressure gathered
deep inside. Patience curled her hands on his shoulders, then in his hair. Both
pushing him away and pulling him tighter to her. He plunged his fingers in and
out, rubbing the lust-laden juice over her clit, murmuring to her in a language
she didn’t understand. Moving his lips back to her mouth, he thrust his tongue
deep and worked his magic massage faster

 “Come for me, baby….let it go.”
His breath rasped in her ear, his heart pounded against her side. “Let me
feel you fall apart on my hand.”

With a firm push, Rhycious thrust his
fingers deep inside her.


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