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A HUGE thank you to Leanore Elliott for allowing me to showcase her STEAMY erotic novel ~

A Wicked Anthology
#1 ~  Dedicated:
lifted her tits up and licked her lips. “Let me be your total slave. I will
please you in so many ways, because I have done you already in every way
imaginable. It is all that I have longed to do and it’s all that I want for my
whole life and you will never even need anyone else. I will be your release,
your sex toy or whatever your mood wants. Please use me for your pleasure?” 
eyes were riveted to her as she pledged her body and heart to him. He drew in a
breath and visibly flinched while he gripped his cock as though he were in
#2 ~  Satisfaction Guaranteed
(Starring Rex Harris from the Novel
Dirty As Sin)
an uneasy breath, she gazed over at the mirror.
in the reflection was her—just plain ole Claire, but her cheeks were flushed
with color and her eyes sparkled with some inexplicable emotion. Her hair
looked all tousled and free flowing. She looked—sexy?
look at you,” Rex whispered to her ear. “You may just be turned on, little
she stared as he stood at her back and reached his arms around her waist. She
gawked at those lovely strong fingers while they slid slowly downward and
tugged her skirt down. She was holding her breath again, as she watched him
move the black skirt downward until she saw her red lace underwear.
he breathed to her ear.
Story #3 ~  Conquer Me
raised a brow at him. “I bet a strong swaggering man like you has never been
whipped with one of your own riding crops.”
gulped at her and his cock rose as it stiffened.  
while on all fours and hand-fucking yourself,” she added. Her imagination
filling with how it would feel to actually ride him bareback. Her wet sliding
pussy being delighted by the friction of his smooth, bronzed skin, sliding
along her clit as she ordered his hand strokes, making him jerk himself off
while she lay the whip across his sweet, firm ass. 
Story #4 ~  The Hat Rick
Angel man licked his lips with his tongue, and with the slight sliding
movement, her clit throbbed and she could feel it swell
his fingers lowered to his briefs again, following the same trail as her hand
did to herself.
couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t think; she’d lost herself somewhere back when he
had unbuttoned his shirt. I’ve lost my
wits, all my good sense and self-control. Could this be why he was a dominator?
He could almost direct you with his mind alone? 
sweet-faced dominator didn’t stop there; he slid his hand all the way into his
briefs and Miranda could see his body stiffen as though he’d grabbed his own
cock. Again, he licked his lips and nodded.
started to pant as she stared at the two way mirror and her body shook.
Somehow, she had her fingers in her panties and her wet pussy was soaking her
Story #5 ~  The View
not sure I can keep myself together long enough for this.”
her admittance, he felt himself swell. Her shaky need and the thrilled look in
her beautiful eyes was so hot, he was feeling even more excited about this.
forward, she dipped her fingers in. “Ohh…” she gasped and clutched at her labia
with her other hand.
had seen women hot for his huge cock before, as it was fairly impressive, but
never one this hot for it. He felt supreme and especially after all the wanting
he’d done over the blonde. He reached in and kept her hand on him as he raised
his erected throbbing rod from his pants.
 Story #6 ~  Mine
favorite part was where you said…” His voice slowed. “You would cum while on
your knees if I shoved my cock down your throat. I grew so hard at your words.
I’ve been with some soumis—submissive women
and they never made me as hard as you did that night.”
he spoke, Jewel was afraid she would start hyperventilating.
you remember what you said, Jewel?” he asked and flipped her around to face

tried to swallow and found that her throat had closed while she gazed into his
eyes. She shook her head.

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