I’d like to give a warm welcome to a fellow Paranormal Romance Guild member: 

Andrew Valentine


Today is a GREAT day, because it’s release day for Andrew’s book  


I thought I’d ask Andrew a few questions about his new novel ~

Hi Andrew! Come in and sit down. Okay, so…what’s it about?

      Andrew: Here’s a short synopsis of
Bitter Consequence
Immortal love.  Immortal evil.  A woman must save her husband from an evil
blood-goddess to prevent a supernatural war on the streets of modern New York
in this groundbreaking tale of erotic horror.

Oh…my…gosh! So your book’s genre is horror! Yikes! Why did you choose Erotic Horror?

      It’s autobiographical. Most of my erotic experiences
have been horrible.
     I’m kidding about that, but
there are elements of autobiography in Bitter Consequence.  For example, a few hundred years
ago in my family’s part of Italy, Abruzzo, an ancestor of mine owned a villa.
His daughter was a willful newlywed with a child.  She strolled into the hills and stayed out
late.  Her husband and father were
worried for her—there had been supposed wolf attacks on the land—and my
ancestor took his men and her husband into the woods to look for her.  They found her in a clearing in the woods—and
on the way back, came across a coven of witches.  They had been sacrificing animals in their
rites—not the wolves.   
     My ancestor
threatened them with jail or death. Pleading with him, they offered him a deal
with him no doubt influenced by the pregnant woman in their midst: let the
witches go and they will “bless” his family and his descendents for generations
to come.  He took the deal and let them
go, warning them never to return to his land. 
His name?  Valentino.  
     Over the years, that became Valentine.  I actually adapted that story and included it
in Bitter Consequence—with a vampire
      But the main reason
I chose to write in erotic horror is because there are a few similarities
between the two—both sex scenes and horror scenes ought to move the story
forward and should focus on the main characters only—and  to be successful you’re bound to their
     And, of course, there’s a
bit of bondage in the book—so it all fit!
 What’s it like for you as a writer? 
      Writing fiction is a drug addiction.  It tears you away from your family; it makes
you live in imaginary places; it can make you go broke.  If  you
want to “make it big” in fiction, there’s a good chance you’re deluding
yourself.  For every for every EL James
that makes it there are 100,000 wannabes who never will.  You MUST manage your expectations.  If you do, you can be happy as a fiction
      On the upside, the public seems to have an insatiable
hunger for good stories, well told—and there are more openings to show off your
writing chops than ever before: blogs, print-on-demand and e-books all allow
writers access to readers that have been unavailable ever in the history of the
written word.  Small presses are
sprouting up across the publishing landscape like mushrooms and self-publishing
no longer has the stigma it once had. 
      And we’re a great bunch. 
Most of the writers I’ve met and/or communicated with are helpful,
encouraging and enthusiastic.  
      Even when
we’re jealous of our friends’ successes, each one of them provides a message of
inspiration: you can do it, too!    

Marino’s Bio and links:
Valentine is an award winning novelist (National Writers Assn.) screenwriter
and freelance journalist who lives and writes in New York.  He is a founding member of the Paranormal
Romance Guild and is member of several professional organizations.  Andrew holds a masters degree in psychology
from the New School for Social Research and is a marketing director at a direct
marketing firm where his writing is more effective in generating revenue than
pulse-pounding thrills.
Visit him online at any of these
is the link to my first novel, Bitter
: www.bitterthingsthebook.com
is the link to the second, Bitter Consequence:
can find a trailer for Bitter Things
on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLrvRDeZs5E&feature=g-upl
can find Andrew here, at the Paranormal Romance Guild: www.paranormalromanceguild.com/
can also find Andrew on Facebook, here: https://www.facebook.com/AndrewValentinesBitterThings
can pick up your copy of Bitter Things
here (unfortunately, at the moment it’s only available on Kindle [he sold
out of hard copies, which is a good problem to have, I suppose!]):
can order your copy of Bitter Consequence

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