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Sorry I messed up the last few weeks. My book tour for Remedy Maker has me spinning circles like a drunk duck.

I missed my Friday sizzle so badly….and I know you did too.

Let’s not waste anymore time!


This is a scene between Pennelope and Nubbs, two of my minor characters. They’re stealing the show…


Remedy Maker

She lifted her gaze and slid her hand down his chest, her metal wristbands tinkling together. “If you’re interested in matters of the Centaur palace….” Her hand fell farther. “I can tell you Queen Savella will have a big surprise soon.” The top of his belt met her fingers.

The male shifted his stance, but didn’t move to stop her traveling hand.

“Yeah? Go on.”

As instructed, she went on, caressing her fingers lower. “There’s a move to change the guards, so to speak.”

The tip of his semi-erect penis leaped in his pants when her fingers made contact with the head. His breath blew in a hard huff and she jumped on the submissive reaction. Pennelope smiled, smelling the faint citrus scent of his cologne. This meeting was easier than she thought; she figured he’d put up more of a fight. But she was an ancient female Troll, and the males . . . they’re all the same.

Leaning in, her breasts pressed his chest and she filled her hand with the fullness inside his trousers. Slow strokes up and down.


Now go ahead and share your scene. Not the whole chapter, LOL! Just the highlights that heat-up the screen. Don’t forget buy links if you have them.

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