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It’s been one hell of a week for me, and I couldn’t be happier than to be
saved by the flames.

I need some good excerpts to read!


Hey! Don’t laugh! You try finding free images of shirtless muscular men that you won’t be sued over!

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Here’s a PG excerpt to get us started:

we practice our joint effort, polytima,
and see how good we can be together?”
much hotter could they possibly get? Much as she hated flames, her body burned
hot enough to internally combust.
she cried out, going for a scolding tone. But it came across like a sensual
arm tightened around her waist, drawing her the wasted millimeter of space
nearer. Patience’s mind spun. A man who wanted her was holding her in his arms.
She closed her eyes. His mouth traveled up her throat, licking and sucking,
until he settled over her lips once more. Persistent and demanding, his tongue
slid along the seam until she complied and opened. 
charged right in like a Centaur warrior would, drawing her tongue into battle
with his. Feinting and parrying, they slid sensuously against one another. 
gods, Patience. You taste so damn good.”
Rhycious tasted of pure Elysium, sending a tingle of exquisite warmth to a spot
deep within her. A breathless tension coiled. “Your coffee tastes better than
hand cupping her bottom alternated between kneading the cheek and rubbing
sumptuous circles. The clench of desire increased between her thighs. She
moaned her approval. His other hand traveled upward from her waist and settled
under the heavy fall of hair, massaging the base of her skull.
backed her up until her knees hit the couch, and buckled. He followed her down,
arranging her body to stretch out beneath him, his hips spreading her thighs
wide. Leaning on one elbow, he used his free hand to push the hair off her
face. His feral gleam intensified, and his tawny eyes bore into hers.

Looking forward to reading everyone’s posts today. I REALLY am!! 

Bring it on!
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