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Since the book trailer I featured last week left my screen charred, I thought I’d link another, created by Wicked Muse.

I LOVE this book trailer!! Okay, so I’m a bit biased.

It’s not easy to write a scene
that captures your reader’s imagination and attention. To hold them in a grip so
tight...they go up in flames.


Her soft skin called to him in whispered undertones aided by his
memory. Earthy scents wafted up to tease his nose and his nibbling lips found
the erotic spot just below her ear.
“Smells good too,” he murmured, his lips traveling the juncture
between her shoulder and neck. Tattoo-like markings stood contrary to her
coloring. He held his breath, waiting for the expected sense of war-inflicted
hatred to erupt. Instead, a pressure bloomed in his chest, his heart swelling.
Unfamiliar with the new chemistry mixing in his body, he sat back and absorbed
the sensation, content to just be for

While she chatted about
Pan knows what
, Rhy ate without tasting his food, mesmerized by the movement
of her erotic mouth. Her lips and tongue moved in perfect synchronicity, dancing
in and out over her teeth.

Oh. My. Gods.
A vortex of insanity threatened to reach up and pull him in.
Incredibly, his arousal inflated to raise a tented gable in his shorts. Never in
his life had he wanted a female more. One night with Patience, one week, a whole
lifetime—and it would never be enough.

Her nipples were hard under her borrowed shirt that read Blood ‘n Guts. Without realizing what he
was doing, he stacked his mug on top of his empty plate, and moved to stand next
to Patience.
Wazzup?” Then her
eyes drifted down. “Oh . . . my.”

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