Sizzling heat. Clenched teeth. Desire beyond reason…or rationale.

It’s not easy to write a scene that captures your reader’s imagination and attention. To hold them in a grip so tight…they go up in flames.

Today, I want you to share your
Smoking Hot scene, the one that sends the reader…up in flames.
It doesn’t have to be graphic, tension can increase the pounding of our blood. Lead us to the moment, keep us hanging by a thread.

start it off, here’s an unedited portion from my upcoming


“I feel so… hot inside.” She managed to rasp out.
Gamóto, woman. Don’t say shit like that.” No sooner
had the threat left his mouth, when his slick fingers breached her folds and
entered the slippery realm.
Euphoria of him fondling the one place she needed it
most drove her hips to wriggle and throat to moan. He leaned back to shove up her
t-shirt in a wadded mass above her breasts. Arousal and cool morning air tightened
her nipples. She welcomed his crushing weight, feeling secure and safe beneath
Rhycious’ eyes locked on his latest discovery, his mouth hung
slack. “My gods, Patience. You’re so—” 

His words broke off and his mouth
came crashing down on her breast. His warm lips took a distended point deep into his
mouth. The heat and sucking motion moved in time to the fingers pushing insistently
between her legs. Thighs spread wide by his big body, he had total access to
her. She almost cried from the want of him.

Okay people! I showed you mine – now it’s your turn. Don’t forget to leave your book title so interested parties can rush  out and buy it 🙂

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