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Some of
the hottest selling romance books feature a scene of scorching love. The
words burning your page (or eReader), and set your heart to pounding.

Today, I want you to share your Smoking Hot scene, the one
that sends the reader…up in

Keep it short, meaning don’t post the whole
chapter! Just the drool-worthy highlights.

To start it off, here’s an unedited
portion from my upcoming release.


The top of his belt met her fingers.
The male shifted his stance but didn’t move to stop her
traveling hand. “Yeah? Go on.”
As instructed she went on, caressing her fingers lower.
“There’s a move to change the guards, so to speak.” 
The tip of his semi-erect penis leaped in his pants when her
fingers made contact with the head. His breath blew in a hard huff and she
jumped on the submissive reaction. Pennelope smiled, smelling the faint citrus
scent of his cologne. This meeting was easier than she thought, she figured he’d
put up more of a fight. But she was an ancient female Troll, and the males…they’re all the same.
Leaning in, she pressed her breasts against his chest and
filled her hand with the fullness inside his trouser. Slow strokes up and down. 
Her lips whispered against his ear. “We’re going to be
good together, you and I. A great team.” His length grew, hardened with
her words, and her excitement increased with his. “I can hardly wait to get
And it just gets HOTTER
from there! As always, I welcome each comment and look forward to
your posts!
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