Friday Flames…

I am so excited about the popularity of this weekly blog! The feedback I’m hearing is Out Of This World! Readers are visiting and loving your posts – keep up the GREAT work!

of the hottest selling romance books feature scorching love scenes. The
words burning your page (or eReader), and set your heart to

Today, I want you to share your Smoking Hot scene, the one that sends the reader…up in flames.

Keep it short, meaning don’t post the whole chapter! Just the drool-worthy highlights.

To start it off, here’s a scene from my upcoming release –


His palms glided up her shins and
thighs. “So soft,” he murmured. 
He fit his large body between her
legs and she welcomed his heat near her core. Excitement zinged with an
electric current when he adjusted her legs to drape over his shoulders.
Rhy’s tender kisses rained on her
lower belly so sweet, it made her heart swell and ache. Her nails scraped his
scalp through nutmeg strands, slipping like blades of spring grass between her
Each kiss brought his lips one…step…lower. 
He placed a hand behind each of
her knees. Her breath caught as he held her legs open to his very heated view.
And it just gets HOTTER from there! As always, I welcome each comment and look forward to your post!
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