It wasn’t his business, and it sure as hell wasn’t his problem. But he couldn’t sit idle, do nothing, and let something happen to Monica Beggs.

Since leaving SpecOps, Finn Daniels has two things on his mind: surfing California waves and his bodyguard business. Returning from a much-needed vacation, his warrior instincts observe an alarming exchange—the Colombian cartel hot on the tail of his secret crush; adult film industry’s leading lady, Monica Beggs. Positive he will never fit in with the bright lights of her movie star lifestyle, Finn attempts to keep Monica safe without losing his heart in the process—because there’s more at stake than her Hollywood career.

After wrapping-up a movie shoot, adult film star Monica Beggs would love nothing more than to contemplate retirement. A trip home for rest and relaxation shifts her life into chaos when a South American drug lord has other plans, and he’ll stop at nothing to acquire her—which includes hiring one of the FBI’s Most Wanted hitmen. Salvation comes in the rugged form of local surfer Finn Daniels. Soon, Moni finds herself envisioning something other than retirement—a future with her protector whom her heart is quickly falling for.

With the cartel and hitmen one step behind them, will Finn manage to keep the woman he loves out of harm’s way?

Contemporary Romance, Humorous Romance, and Romantic Suspense
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Nominated for The Romance Reviews 2016 Reader’s Choice Award!


Title is what got my attention, love it !
Former Special Ops hottie and his partners, one professional porn star, then through in a couple of bad news guys and one mean greedy and creepy S.O.B. This book has it all. It all begins from a chance observation from a trained eye, then becomes a chance meeting. After that the action begins, between protecting and sharing some pretty smoldering moments between Finn and Moni , who she really is when the cameras aren’t rolling. This book is quite enjoyable. Sheri Fredricks takes an angle that a most writers wouldn’t, from the title to the profession, and I like that in a writer.
– Kimberly H

Highly recommend
Never thought I’d read a story with a porn star as the lead heroine and love it, but Sheri knows how to write one heck of a fantastic story with red hot sex, adventure and most importantly, love.
– Kindle Customer

Sexy, somewhat suspenseful, sometimes silly, and a lot of fun!
Fun, sexy, some suspense, a bit cheesy, and some likable characters. I liked that Monica was a porn star, not ashamed, not because of an abusive past. It was different from the virginal and almost virginal heroines in many romance novels. The porn movie names were laugh out loud funny. Finn was the protective, loyal, and romantic hero. He was fairly juvenile with his buddy and partner, Riley. He was also down with her being a porn star. Riley was a fun character, too. I hope that he gets his own story. Some of the scenes with the villan and his henchmen were a bit silly, but the overall threat of her potentially being kidnapped did move the story along. The ending bit was a bit unbelievable, but I liked the new characters that were introduced. Overall, this was a fun, erotic romp with some suspense. This was the first time that I read a book by this author, and I look forward to discovering her other books.
– Badass Lioness

Action+Alpha male+sexy gal named Monica=Must read
Action from the first page. Clever dialogue. International bad guys! Sheri Fredricks writes another tight story. From grammar to plot, Monica Beggs delivers a good read. If you’re a suspense junky like me, then one click and meet her hero and heroine. Love her ex special ops men too…yeah they’re extra hot!!!
– The Monz (Natasza)


“How much time do we have?”

Finn smiled, his boyish charm shining through. “Twenty minutes. Why?”

Moni stepped back and pretended to size-up the sexy man. She couldn’t wait to rip his shirt off and take a peek below the belt. “I bet all I’ll need is ten.”

His mouth dropped in an exaggerated look of aghast. “Maybe for you. But honey, I have afterburners you know nothing about.”

The military were sticklers for being on time. Precise, right down to the second. If twenty minutes remained on the clock, more like nineteen now, Moni wanted every second to count.

“There’s something I’ve wondered ever since you buckled my seatbelt.” His eyes tracked her tongue as she purposely moistened her lips. She sashayed back to the end of the bed and sat down.

Finn stalked her every step. He came to a stop with one powerful thigh wedged between hers. The side-seams of her pencil skirt stretched to near splitting in order to accommodate his additional jean-clad intrusion.

“Ask me.” His voice warmed her like a fine aged whiskey.

The pole raising a tent in his jeans hovered near her face. Need thrummed through her veins with every beat of her heart. Tension coiled, building a delicious density in her core. It took all the sexual training she possessed to not reach out and run the tips of her fingers over his impressive bulge.

No, not yet…

She waited, bit her lip and drew the moment out. Choosing to remain quiet until she saw his hands flex into fists not once, but twice.


“Are you sweet—” Moni leaned forward, keeping her fingers gripped tightly to the bed. She inhaled his musky, virile scent as she drew the side of her nose along his hard length. “—or spicy?”

“Holy shit.” Finn’s tone turned to gravel and he made a choking sound.

When Moni straightened away, his hips pushed forward, following her retreating mouth as if his cock were magnetized. His enormous package strained the thick material of his jeans.

The rumble of Finn’s deep voice tightened her nipples to hardened points. In her sitting position, she placed her palms on his flat stomach above his belt. Pushed her palms up his chest, stroked her left hand over the starched twill of his shirt while popping buttons with the right. Beneath his oxford, the defined muscles twitched at her touch.

Rapid breathing filled her ears and she was surprised to realize it was her own. In the V of his shirt’s opening, she discovered tanned skin— smooth, warm, and lightly furred. A mouthwatering contrast against the white of his shirt.

Oh, baby.

With three buttons left to go, Finn took charge. Apparently eager as her to remove the shirt, he grabbed-up the loosened material behind his neck. In one fluid motion, he pulled it over his head and flipped it like a Frisbee toward the open closet door.

Desire burned in his eyes. “You’re so beautiful, Monica.”

She paused her hand above the button of his pants.

Right person, wrong name.

Thoughtfully, she ran the pads of her fingers along the path of his fuzzy love trail, from the indent of his bellybutton to where the hair disappeared beneath the waistband.

Why it was important, Moni didn’t know. It’d never bothered her before. Then again, she’d never met a man like Finn. Whatever the reason, she didn’t like him using her professional name. Not now.

Her profession… That was the name of her pet white elephant wedged between her turbulent emotions and the surfer before her.

Suddenly, the essential reason became clear: This wasn’t sex for money in the form of a film. This was something wholesome and pure.

Moni Beggs the woman, wanted Finn Daniels the man.

“Finn?” Glancing up, she met his heated gaze. A halo of shaggy blond hair framed the stormy blue that darkened the longer their eyes remained connected. “Would you call me Moni? I only use my full name—”

“Moni.” An unnamed emotion flitted across his suddenly pensive features before he gently cradled the back of her head and swooped down to command a kiss.

His hands were large, his fingers strong.

Without thought, she opened her mouth, seeking his tongue. His pants button warmed beneath her fingers, which prodded her to unfasten. Unzip.

Tanned skin, from endless California summers, painted his rippling muscles that lay exposed to her traveling hands. She splayed her fingers wide to touch as much of the toasty warmth as she could.

This man was no feigned actor paid to portray someone he could only wish to be. He wasn’t lit up with a light reflector and three-point illumination kit. There wasn’t a shotgun mic hanging at the end of a boom pole or a film crew whispering into headsets.

Finn was real. And for a short while, he was hers.

Skimming her hands over his tightly-rounded ass, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of his jeans and slid them off his lean hips.

Bah-zing! He goes commando.

Finn pulled away, grinning. “Wait a sec.” He lifted one leg. “I gotta pull my boots off.”

“Leave ‘em on. I only have…” She leaned to the side and glanced around his glow-in-the-dark tan line toward the digital clock on the dresser. “…Seven minutes left on my bet.”

“You’re a feisty one.”

Moni glided her hands forward from his sculpted ass. Strummed the summit and valleys of his lower abs. Then slid her hands lower and clasped her fingers together. Holding but not stroking his hard length between her palms, she ducked forward and kissed the bronze skin below his navel.

At the top of the love trail that led to lower delights, she licked and nibbled, then blew where she’d left his skin wet.

“I like to think of myself as immoderate.” In the art of seduction, Moni learned to leave a man yearning. To give gratification everywhere but the one place he wanted it most.

The worst part was, she wanted Finn just as much.

Which really wasn’t bad at all, now that she thought of it.

Without expecting anything in return, he’d showered her with his protectiveness. Nobody had ever given selflessly for her before, and she’d be a liar if she didn’t admit how he’d touched her heart. There’d be no way for him to know that her onscreen persona was a direct opposite paradigm to the off-screen life she led. How she’d worked meticulously hard to keep her personal life out of the public eye.

Giving in to her own deep-seated need, and longing to please Finn, she squeezed her hands around the thickness of his engorged penis. After a long, slow stroke, he pulsed and swelled. His breath came in ragged bursts. If she were to measure him hand over hand like a baseball bat, Finn wore a proud three-fister.

As her eyes roamed the magnificence of his proud male gender, her hands leisurely toured his well-toned body. She leaned her head back to climb the flat definitions of his stomach and gaze into his eyes.

Heavy-lidded with his mouth relaxed, she’d never seen a sexier man. Not her co-stars, not the foreign actors who performed for competing production company films. Not even the male models who worked out at the gym.


Over six feet of hard, chiseled man turned her heated blood into magma.

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