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Have you ever read a book that made you say, “What
a great line. I wish I wrote that!”

I asked authors to share their best lines. Following
is a collection, with buy links — in case you’re like me and just gotta read more. Click on the titles to be whisked to the sites.

~ Love’s Prophecy (First runner up in the 2013 RONE awards)

“My son, the power of the prophecy does
not reside in the mark. It is in love.” A gentle hand wrapped around Mel’s
wrist, bringing it to rest against Breeana’s abdomen. “It is only my daughters
who carry the mark, to help guide the ones chosen to find each other.”
Remedy Maker  (book 1 of The Centaurs)

“Oh, babe…” With her love and essence
planted firmly in his mind, he crushed his lips to her cold ones, commanding
through his kiss that she respond to him. 

I’ve known death. For over half a
millennia, I escorted many to death at the end of my sword. In the eyes of the
dying, I watched it shroud them.

~ Hard Core

Slade’s heart pounded. You belong
to me.
Why did those words affect him? He belonged to no one.

~ Shot Through the Heart

She couldn’t, wouldn’t fall in love with him.
But she could forget…for a little while.

~ Her Eternal Rogue

Silence loomed between them. His piercing blue eyes locked on her. “I came back for you.”

Thank you to all the authors who participated! Have a
great weekend.

Sheri Fredricks

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